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Sunday, May 04, 2008

27 Days and Counting til the 2008 Atlantic Hurricane Season

oh help me Lord...

Trying to pull things together in my life a bit so that when the season starts I can hit the ground running and be prepared for long nights kept awake by some named storm that is not behaving as we thought it would... or is...

There is so much to talk about and yet...there is nothing I can really say right now other than... I'm almost late for a breakfast date with my best friend Sharon. There you go... new movie title. My Best Friend Sharon. Breakfast with Sharon. Buying water with Sharon and I am not talking a thin, small bottle of Iceland water or a pretty pint of Fiji Water. Nope.. talking the real thing.

This year may be a transitional season for me... as my life feels like it is sort of in limbo in between here and there and everywhere.

So... seriously, can we get this show on the road.. on the list of things I cannot wait much longer for.. one is the Hurricane Season.

And..yet.. it's cool today, almost cool and a bit dry ... and to get to there we have to hit the start of the Miami Monsoon season so.. do I really want the hurricane season??

Birds are chirping, it's spring... saw two birds going at it yesterday and smiled.

Newspaper articles are out complaining and making fun of the Hurricane Center. Guess reporters are antsy too for a storm to write about.

I'll post my thoughts on the wonderful men who work at the National Hurricane Center later.. after consulting with Sharon. Yes...they do get a little crazy in the off season, don't we all...

Favorite line from above article:
" breakdowns tend to occur during the off season,'' said the study, commissioned by the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration, which runs the world-renowned hurricane center in West Miami-Dade County."

Yeah...really, trust me I know how that feels... I'm getting close to a breakdown myself... 27 days and counting. Watching tropical waves in the SOUTH Tropical Atlantic, cold core lows near Brazil and a storm far away named Nargis. A lot of people died from Nargis...sad, so far away... yet I'm watching, my friends are watching and always learning from mistakes. Such is the way of the world.

A big mistake to learn from in our part of the world was the devastation caused when Katrina hit Mississippi and killed thousands in New Orleans far from the point of landfall. Seems there was a problem with the levees... that funneled all the water down into New Orleans. And..we had to have court cases to prove what we all already knew...

You want to see a REAL scandal on how badly the government operates? Had to have a massive inquest and court trial and who knows how many people got paid on this one...
Just to show what we all already knew...that they were responsible for the flooding of New Orleans. Can't blame everything on hurricanes. Katrina did not hit Nola dead on and this was not the worse case scenario but an inherent problem with the whole design of the levee system. A Hurricane Channel.. go figure. No.. not one to compete with The Weather Channel but one that funneled the water into the city and killed thousands of people in our life time... Galveston 1900 you can blame directly on the hurricane..

Check out the article below

I'll give my thoughts on the NHC later, after I have had breakfast and planned out my life with Sharon...

For an up to the minute clock on time left before the Hurricane Seasons starts..

Check out as Jim as posted a countdown clock.

27 Days, 14 hours and counting...

Besos Bobbi


At 9:24 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Bobbi: You and I are thinking alike! I basically say the same thing in my blog today: we can expect a lot of hype between now and June 1. Check it out at Ken Kaye's Storm Center:


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