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Monday, April 14, 2008

Musical Weather Moments... and Tropical Buzz

So.. been a bit quiet while I sit and wait and wonder on this coming 2008 Atlantic Hurricane Season. A bit too quiet. Sorry.

Been so much buzz regarding the AMS meeting, Kerry Emanuel's new article that was recently released and where we are in this current La Nina Pattern.

Everyone's talking about it :)

Everyone loves to talk weather.. here's our President.. talking weather with the biggest and the brightest ;)

The Kerry E's article link is here:

Enjoy... I have my views, I enjoy reading everyone else's views and trying to piece it all together like a good goulash! Hungarian, of course!

Then there is the 2008 update put out by Dr. Gray and Phil..

Don't you love a man who can wear a purple shirt ;)
I adore him personally... he's better in person than in a sound bite! He just towers right over me. I think he even towers over Chris..

Cliff notes for those of you without a weather glossary or without a mathematics degree...

15 named storms
8 hurricanes
4 majors
***gutsy call on the 4 majors in my opinion

Analog Years:
1950 13 98.00 11 59.50 8 18.50 243 247
1989 11 66.00 7 31.75 2 9.75 135 130
1999 12 78.50 8 41.00 5 14.25 177 182
2000 14 67.00 8 32.75 3 5.00 116 130

And, while working I am surfing my way through youtube's world and watching some of the greatest dancers in the world dance their cares away in the rain...

I'll be back soon and say something meteorologically profound but as I clean for Passover, get ready for family and guests coming in from out of town, process books in the library while the students are away on Passover break ... and take walks on South Beach my mind is profoundly messy and the hurricane season seems so far away... and I'm busy reading my emails from my email group that is giving me a deeper appreciation for those in the know in the world of Hurricane Prediction. Thank you YKW..

Incredible.. simply incredible dance scene...better than Singing in the Rain (sorry Dave ... it's my blog.. my call)

Always Fair Weather... nothing like a man who can dance on Rollerblades.. or skates.........

For Dave Schwartz:

Don't worry.. be happy, I'll be back soon with something to say..

Besos Bobbi


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