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Thursday, April 03, 2008

Inside Info says...

Gonna be an interesting Atlantic Hurricane Season this year.

Dr. Gray and his wunder genius Phil may be updating their storm totals sometime in the near future.

Last report:

Waiting for the new report due out soon.

Something about La Nina, something about early rainy seasons, something about extreme weather and hot, hot water off the coast of Iberia.

He was quoted in a news article as saying "Also, the sea surface temperatures in the eastern Atlantic particularly off Iberia and off northwest Africa, they are very warm, much like they were at this time in 1995 and 2005 when we had very active seasons," he said. hot, hot, hot is it really going to be Dr. Gray.. inquiring tropical minds want to know.

Hot water is just one factor, winds across the basin and steering level winds factor in too to the equation.

So... buckle up, 2008 may be a nasty hurricane season...

Only time will tell... and I'll be telling the story as time writes it.

Be well, Be happy ..Bobbi
Ps..Hot and Sunny in Miami!


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