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Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Happy Earth Day! And, Looking for a Pre-historic Climatologist to Debate Global Warming...

Just wanted to say hello and wish the earth and everyone on it... a beautiful, green, happy earth day!

Personally.. I plan on enjoying Planet Earth today on the island I love the most... the spot I love the most with a wonderful specimen of Planet Earth.. one of the nicest men the planet has yet to show me...

Both Flora and Fauna are beautiful today!

We are less than a month away from the start of the Hurricane Season in the East Pac when all those little waves bounce off the west coast of Central American and Panama and lolly gag about the warm waters trying to get to some of Mexico's finest resorts.. some even get to dance their way north far enough to Baja.. even though most just go west bound and fall apart in cooler waters. And..then.... the Atlantic boils.. bubbles, toils and trouble forms off the coast of Florida somewhere north of the Bahamas and somewhere southeast of the Carolinas..when some early season sub-tropical forms. Could happen early this year.. Look to May for an early season in sub-tropicals as a low already sits out there producing beautiful beach breezes in South Florida and rougher surf up the coast.

Anything is possible in 2008! So buckle your seat belts ..its going to be a bumpy ride!

But today... on Earth Day.. try and not pollute planet earth and leave the bickering over global warming to the experts.

Personally........... when you can rouse me up some ghosts of global warming scientists of yesterday who can really debate what planet earth was like in the 1300s or the 1800s or maybe a few pre-paleontological era scientists who tried to study the effect of rotting dinosaur carcasses on the planet and how the volcanoes were really stinking things up back around the turn of the dawn of time..only THEN can we have a REAL discussion on Global Warming and what things were like then vs now.

So.. grab someone you love, a bottle of wine, a loaf of bread or a piece of matzah and have a beautiful Earth Day.

Love and kisses, Bobbi
On the road to my favorite Rock ;) to celebrate Conch Days!
Ps.. yeah, I'll stand by my favorite climatologists in this ongling, warm debate that produces way too much hot air for Planet Earth to handle. This may be the REAL cause behind Global Warming! Perhaps the problem of pollution that the early Chumash Indians had in the LA Basin BEFORE people found a way to clog up I-10 with exhaust fumes was from the mammoths who died trying to find safe ground at the La Brea Tarpits.. you never know.. so much we don't know before man began to record time and his experiences on Earth....


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