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Wednesday, April 02, 2008

April.. Less Than 2 Months Til the Start of the 2008 Atlantic Hurricane Season

And..actually, there is less time than that before small little waves begin to wiggle their way west off the Coast of Central American in the Pacific where the season starts on May 15th, 2008.

Getting closer to prime time or what most of us know is really the Pre-Season as the real season starts later in the summer when west bound waves begin rolling off of Africa.

Check out the article in the April issue of National Geographic on that region in Africa and get a better view into the world where Tropical Waves begin their journey westbound.

Amazing article, well done, great maps.

Years ago when John Hope reigned supreme in the world of on air Tropical Updates he would often point to that little dot, little spot on the coast of Africa and remind everyone that until the Cape Verde Waves pass over the beach at Dakar the season has not really started. Those are the REAL waves, the ones high enough up to make the crossing, the mature, ripe waves.

Read on it... great article, great time to begin thinking on the reality of the 2008 Atlantic Hurricane Season.

As for me... my trip to North Carolina was a pure delight. Just smiling here. Perfect timing, perfect people, perfect beaches, perfect preview of Spring and things to come. Nice to see the season of Spring. It is highly under rated. Not talked on enough. Not sure why more people don't go on trips for Spring Viewing as they do the Autumn Colors.

And... give me a little bit as I have tons of emails to look through from hurricane friends and a few websites who are debating Category 5s and other things that go bump in the tropical night.

One thing I will say about Tropical Weather People..they are smart, the level of brain power in such arenas could cure the common cold and probably get us half way across the universe if they were looking out from our planet not down through the atmosphere into the oceans and water vapor trails that blaze their way in woven patterns around this beautiful blue planet where we live and which we call Planet Earth.

Love and kisses... from Miami,


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