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Friday, March 28, 2008

Hello From On the Road... Somewhere in Spring...

Having a wonderful time from where ever I am on the road somewhere in the South... watching Spring unfold far away from tropical hot Miami..

I've seen every shade of dogwood imaginable. Tulips. Tulips IN the ground... daffodils, pansies, azaleas, stuff I don't even know what it is..

Pansies smell by the way.. like sweet springtime heaven...

Went to the beach, watched waves... felt the wind and the sun...

Drove through miles of pine forests with a friend, just relaxing... like kids. Feels good to feel like a kid.

As for my kids... gosh I love them, each of them.. all of them and they are amazing.
Interesting... smart, brilliant, creative and charismatic. They should all be themselves, I would never tell them what they should be or love them based on being some doctor or lawyer or Indian chief. And, hey I know some Native Americans and they rock big time. Better than some doctors I know.

Saw my old best friend from high school and his wife.. had one of the most amazing dinners ever.

Watching the sun go down and getting ready for shabbos... as baseball segues into the time of the year when tropical waves begin beating their little hearts westward towards our part of the Atlantic Basin... I study, I research, I have things to write and so much to read (never knew hurricane researchers spend sooo much time in email chatting ... giggle) and... I give thanks for this beautiful vacation so PERFECTLY timed and my friends, my kids and nature which always rocks and never disappoints.

Love and kisses... mucho besos,


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