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Saturday, January 12, 2008

Songs, Memories, Wonderful Island of Dreams..

Was this the most amazing man and the most amazing song.

And, when you realize that so many of us barely knew him til he was gone yet he left a legacy that will last until almost forever.... for somewhere, some couple is dancing at a wedding to that song or looking back at their life remembering beautiful memories or someone they loved who is now no longer a part of their life and who they will never get to see again except in their memory.

Time in a bottle... few songs have said it so well, such simplicity, so musically, so beautifully.

For the opposite of simplicity... but one of my all time, forever favorite songs
no matter who sings it or which version i have hidden on some Cd someone sent me
love this song, incredible lyrics... some of the most beautiful fragments of lyrics ever written

like an apple whirling silently in space...
keys that jingle in your pocket, words than jangle in your head

LOVE THIS SONG... fragment of a song, half remembered names and faces

Stood on top of the parking lot on Lincoln Road today while fireworks were exploding on the beach somewhere and the skyline of Miami Beach and all it's iconic sort of art deco towers lit up looked like something from a 1980s movie..

Miami Beach... Wonderful Island of Dreams.
WIOD. Old radio tower, came down, down, down in the 1926 hurricane but it will always be the Wonderful Island of Dreams.

And, lastly... stumbled on this song tonight... shouldn't go there but I did... great song, used to haunt me a bit... even though I rarely listen.

Peter Cetera... Chicago..

Love + Inspiration go together like Groucho and Harpo lol, Lois and Clark, where would the 3 stooges be without Larry... just 2 stooges? That's not funny...

Zelda and Scott, Tonto and What's His Name... Hi Ho Silver...

You're the meaning in my life... you're the inspiration....

When you love somebody.... always on my mind...

In a mood. Lost in music tonight.

I remember this music video, used to get to me.


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