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Tuesday, January 08, 2008

Miami Morning

The helicopter woke me up a few minutes before alarm in the cell phone did..

A helicopter circling, over and over, not leaving the area. Pitch blackness outside but a definite sign that once again North Miami Beach had made the early morning newscasts.

Hit off on the alarm. Turn on the TV. Wake the kids. Put coffee up. Go outside and see where the helicopter to my east is exactly. Wow.. now the Walmart, way beyond the Walmart, across the canal somewhere.

There it is... circling, round and round. Search light isn't on bright so.. it's TV news waiting do their morning report. Whatever happened had gone on way earlier, done, finished, probably someone dead.

Turn on the news. was a cop. A cop killed in NMB. A poor Miami cop off duty caught in what looks like some ambush in North Miami Beach... only 4 or 5 blocks away from the North Miami Beach Police Station....which is one of the most dangerous areas in South Florida it seems. How bad can a Police Department be that it cannot shut down crime within 5 blocks of it's Police Station, City Hall and Library. I mean if you can't clean up your own backyard how do you expect to go out and clean up the City?

I'm sure there is more to the story. I'm sure the story will evolve like all stories in Miami that always have a second act, a third act and even usually an epilogue. Sometimes a sequel.

The copter looked pretty up there silhouetted by the beautiful tropical sunrise. The cop looked very dead in his car that was riddled with bullets from an AKA something Assault rifle.

New Hampshire looks pretty in snow on CNN. Huckabee, Hillary, Romney, McCain and Edwards all look hopeful and happy that New Hampshire is almost over while they look picturesque giving interviews in the white, virginal looking snow. Does the snow get dirty ever in New Hampshire?

Go to Drudge for Breaking News.. it's witty, visual and right wing. You can then sort of balance it out by watching CNN. Life is all about balance, don't cha know?

As for me... going to drive past the big crime scene on my way down to work. So much noise in Miami this morning. Helicopters, Cars, Planes even a Train or two.. my mind is not really here it's elsewhere. Looking out at a field in Iowa, covered in snow yet patterns of rural life cutting across the scenery in a geometric vision of farm land waiting to be tilled again when the winter thaws and turns to Spring. Shabbos in Iowa would be nice. Wish I could close my eyes, blink myself in like Jeanne.

I'll settle for Lincoln Road at Lunch Time or close my eyes and pretend I am at Tom's house bothering him and Sid while they try to work and lie out by the pool that is too cold to swim in and stare up at the Coconut Palm swaying in the breeze.

Body is in NMB.
Mind is in Iowa or New Hampshire.
Soul is in Key West.

Where are you today? Really? Who are you? Why are you reading this? Where would you like to be? the tropics...the Bermuda High is really strongly in place... guess it's a good thing there is no storm out there this morning or it would just cruise right in on an easterly breeze.

Love and Kisses... Bobbi
Ps.. end the writer's strike already, come on.. it's time to go back to work...


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