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Thursday, January 03, 2008

Cold In Miami. Snow Showers Off Shore..

Like money. Moving south.. one solid, thin band of pinks and blues... Catch it quick or it will be gone once the sun comes up...

It's cold. My son in Postville, Iowa argues that and my daughter in Ottawa explained how many layers she is wearing to go teach this morning. I'm sorry. They are not living in a jalousie house that lets the air in (I saw those Tornado Proof windows in Iowa..) and we don't have normal heat down here. A reversed cycle "heat" on the AC mostly smells like a fire is burning somewhere in your wall... dust in the air conditioning vent stinks when you turn it on..for hours and the smell never goes away. As you put on the stove burners to get warm you tell your kids "do not do t his it is not safe" lol...

Okay..wearing the sexy, brown, suede boots today... with a long skirt and possibly keeping the long pink underwear leggins from Victoria Secrets that I bought for that Postville trip last winter. Might even wear an old blonde wig... does the weather radio in Miami REALLY say "if you must venture outside... wear a hat and gloves"
Sounds like Clark hacked into the weather radio if you asked me and I'd rather wear a cute wig than a hat!

Very cold and clear and beautiful, wind is whipping through the palm fronds.

And all of Miami is on a Bill Parcels watch to see just what and when he will snap some more leashes... and tries to remember where they put the space heaters and remembers fondly those fireplaces they had somewhere once when they lived up north. For me it was the fireplace in Long Beach. Great fireplace. Someone had bought it in Mexico... gorgeous tile, big, heavy wood trim... and we would sit around with it roaring, big hot fires... feeding it old newspaper or broken logs. Miami Beach had a nice fireplace in the old 1920s house but was barely a fireplace. And.. in Iowa... my son's father in law makes one hell of a fire in the fireplace so do NOT tell me how cold it is up there cause the house is warm and toasty.

So..making eggs and grits to warm up and watching the temps, going to work.. funny knowing somewhere off shore, over the Gulfstream of all places is the chance of snow showers... moving south but probably just staying off shore.. Good luck Palm Beach in catching a few..

As for the shoot out between Neil Frank and the local Weather media.. most specifically quoted Dr. Christopher Landsea.. smiling, I wouldn't get caught in that shoot out if my life depended on it but I would sure love to watch up close and personal. I agree with Neil.. but not to the degree that Neil differed. I wouldn't say that many were not real storms but I think a few were very, very questionable calls and there has been much to do about nothing over the last few years. A storm should have to verify for more than a few minutes as a Tropical Storm.. in my humble opinion. Throwing make believe snow balls (oh STOP smiling!)

Hugs and Cold Kisses from Miami,

Weather for Miami, FL 33162
Mostly Cloudy
Wind: NW at 20 mph
Humidity: 68

Wind Chill is much colder.. look at that wind.
Fruit freezing is the big story here... not Bobbi and her boots!


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