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Tuesday, January 01, 2008

Cold Front Coming Thru South Florida... Gators Lose...

Sorry about the Gators losing. Imagine my cousin is not a happy camper. Does it help to say there is always next year?? Don't think so.. But, it is true.

And... a cold front is moving down the state and blowing through our area. The winds have already changed. My daughter is driving back to Canada... she wasn't very excited to hear how we might have temps in the upper 30s Wednesday Night...

I have to say there really isn't anything as amazing as watching the temperature change... feeling it... Amazing. One minute it is warm, humid, sort of sultry and then you go outside 30 minutes later and the wind is racing at you, tugging at your clothes, hitting you in the face.. cold, winter air ... out of the NW... a cold front! Just something you often can't see (air... ) can be so real, so alive and so in your face. When the clouds will part later tonight, the stars will come out... wow, it blows me away!

Kids are almost done partying round here... slowly settling down. Everyone had fun.

As for 2008? Oh, I don't know. Besides the regular suspects of "diet" "Finish my novel" I'd have to think on it. I'd try going totally Vegan but know I'll forget and eat some teriyaki beef or lamb chops but it is healthier.

I am writing. I have an article I have to finish (about the 26 Hurricane no less..) and have written more on my "novel" of late than in a long time. That's good.

My diet.. has been good, I eat pretty healthy... going do to Country Line Dancing or Belly Dancing depending on which classes work best with my schedule. Generally I rarely eat cake but for my birthday a friend took me to Bissaleh after the movies and I got a piece of Tiramesu. They sang Happy Birthday and it was fun to see my friend while he is in town between NY and Key West. Then... my kids treated me to a party at my cousin's house and they picked out a Mocha Chocolate cake. I mean.. two mocha sort of creamy cakes. What are the chances on that? Life... guess it means I'll have a lot of Starbucks this year :) or Cafecito depending on my mood.

So.... what can I say except enjoy life, enjoy the birthdays, enjoy good friends, good company... and be grateful for the big things.. as well as the little things.. like a Cold Front in Miami!

And... still dealing with the death of a very close friend and well... I think it's time to be a little more "out there" and less afraid and just being myself.

Me, Myself and... hahaha...............Just Bobbi.

My ex-husband has expressed an interest in the Writers Strike ending so... if anyone here can do anything about that... he can go to rehearsals again. And, everyone else can go back to work.

As for me... going to go watch the end of the Rose Bowl. Been there, done that... pretty floats!

Love and kisses to everyone...and smile.. Bobbi!
Ps... Tebow is incredible. Can't wait to see what else comes out of Camp Tuna :)

Pss... pssst Clark.... Lois is back, watch out!!!


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