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Sunday, December 16, 2007

Winter Wonderland, Birthdays, Cold Fronts!!!

Okay, I live in Miami and it's not really a winter wonderland the way you think of .. but for me... I have the windows open, a bird is chirping outside and there are incredible clouds this morning. Hints of Pre-Frontal Boundary (does that not sound soooo sexy???) or.. pre-frontal moisture... pre-frontal trough ;) ?? Oh come on, if you are a weather lover then that sounds so darn sexy :)

So, anyways... I woke up to low clouds, cone shaped racing low across the sky in the pre-dawn darkness... SSE to NNW... GOOD SIGN. That gave way to this beautiful sunrise... BETTER SIGN!

See picture below :)

See radar...

Yup.. a front is on it's way.. Pre-Front, Real Front, Cold Front!

And, I realize this may be the last time I feel warm for the next few days .. unless I'm drinking soup, coffee or hot chocolate.

This front is a little special as a little bit of Olga is wrapped up in this front... an extra dose of OMPHFFF from Olga and her tropical moisture mixing together with all that cold air and energizing this front more than most... we got Meso Hail near Key West!!!

This was Olga... very still there just a day or so ago.. before it became caught up in the front.. see Olga thought that frontal boundary was sexy too!! Like a ride on a winter wonderland rocket ship out of the Tropics...and all the way north to Boston or Greenland or wherever old Tropical Moisture goes after it's been caught by a Cold Front...

Great post explaining this better by Mike on HurricaneCity:

I know.. I shouldn't talk about "Winter" as I am living in Miami. My daughter is in Ottawa this year (working for Chabad and freezing her... well you know what off) and she has made it clear before the Winter Solstice even arrives "she has had enough of winter" lol.

Not sure what 55 centimeters is but I get the idea... each his own. To my son in Postville, Iowa... to my daughter and son in Brooklyn to my daughter up in Ottawa winter may mean something different to you than it does to me but... to me it means cold, fresh, beautiful air rushing through the house after a sky that turns dark purple and presses down out of the NW and races SE across the sky, the wind shifting so fast and hard it feels almost like you are on Shore Drive by Lake Michigan and sweaters, jeans, boots... soup on the stove and an extra beautiful cover on my bed.

I have a friend who is about to have a birthday :) So.. Happy Birthday, I owe you some birthday email card I suppose. Actually, I have two friends and a daughter-in-law having birthdays. One has already gotten their present, think of me every time you spritz and only I would do whatever crazy thing you ask me to... just to make you smile! I'm sure I will regret it. To my daughter-in-law and my other good friend, thank you for being in my life (I won't regret it, haha)

Giggling. LOL ... oh Lordie as my brother says... ho ho ho it's a winter wonderland.

Now.. going to end this with a youtube example of how...what a song stylist is vs "just a singer" ... love this song, I know Jay loves it too! But, who do you love baby? Dean or Bing? Both make the song their own... same song, same site... two different sounds, much the way some people write... even when they try the rhythmn in their head keeps the same beat.

Happy Pre-Frontal Birthday Boundary!! lol.

Bye for Now.. Bobbi
Watch the front swoop through and choose who you like best.. Dean or Bing...


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