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Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Tropical Storm OLGA Seriously, models show RECURVATURE...

So, seriously gang. Olga (if she hangs in there) has the potential to be a real annoying storm.

The always great Skeetobite has the track on the page with all the info and well.. you just have to see if she can hang in there long enough to be a problem .. later in the forecast period.

Easy to write off the storm. Easy to laugh it off.

But, the need to be practical and cautious out weighs the road of denial.

This storm has brought a massive, unfolding tragedy in the Dominican Republic where 7 people are known dead (that will climb) and many did not take it seriously .. despite Government warnings to do so... because it was so late and post-season.

From aol:

more links to story.. just updated to 8 and will keep climbing:

She may weaken but she can strengthen again too and there is a lot of latent heat down there. The further west she goes the more she has a chance to get out over warm water enough to pull together some more. She bears watching. All joking aside, this storm has been a real tragedy maker so far and with long range models showing her looping, stalling and catching a NE bound frontal passage ticket out of the Caribbean.. I wouldn't turn by back on her completely!

Just in case... better safe than sorry ..


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