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Sunday, December 23, 2007

Sunday, December 23rd, 2007 - Rainy Morning In Miami

So I sit here in the pre-dawn darkness listening to the rain falling gently on the other side of my open jalousie window. The Miami Herald has yet to land on my lawn nor has the Sun-Sentinel. There is the slightest hint of color in the sky, lining the horizon and I am waiting for the sun to come up and start my day.

The Dolphins are still on a "winning streak" as they have yet to fight their next game. Hey ... I'll take my victories where I can grab them lol and I am not up north fighting the sleet or snow to get home to my wintry destination. Then again I think on "winter" and I think... well maybe seeing "winter" wouldn't be that bad. If it didn't take so long to get to Postville I might seriously hop on a plane for my birthday and spend it somewhere covered in white's an all day event getting to Postville. Maybe he would meet me in Minneapolis? I like Minneapolis, spent a few summers of my life there... beautiful city. On the other hand I can sit here, typing in a tank top while listening to the rain through an open window. Can't do that this morning in Iowa can you now?

So... I'm here in Miami waiting for the sun to rise, about to make coffee and ready for the paper. And, I am grateful for the smell of the coffee brewing, the colors of the sunrise and my beautiful weather.

The grass is grateful for the rain. The bougenvilla outside my window is grateful. The little cat who can't sit on the wet car next door is not grateful.

According to Drudge Hilary is pointing out Obama's weaknesses, Huckabee is going after the right wing religious vote and Guiliani is just happy to be alive in New Hampshire.

There are no hurricanes to talk about so technically this blog is a freebie today. Part of my promise to write every day or as much as possible and my writing game I play with a few people. Great book Jay, thanks... I owe you bro. Reading a very good book called, "Running Naked in the Mind Field" by Kary Mullis, Nobel prize winning surfer-slash-scientist and I wonder...where are the guys like that.. the people like that who use both parts of their brain and a piece of another brain thrown in for good measure. Someone who can worry on DNA while out riding his surfboard or is the meaning of the surfing that he doesn't? What do people do when they can't stop thinking? Writers write. One of my favorite quotes by F. Scott Fitzgerald:
“Writers aren't exactly people...they're a whole lot of people trying to be one person.” F. Scott Fitzgerald

I suppose I watch the Miami Dolphins play football for 3 hours and lose my mind and heart into it a bit and put life on hold or try to..

The rain makes everything seem and look so fresh, so sparkly, so clean.

I'm going to go sip my coffee outside, watch the sunrise now unfolding while I type on the computer. The sky is almost pink, the little clouds parading by are a dark lavender. My newspaper still hasn't arrived.

There are no storms in the tropics this December morning... but you never know when some stray out of season storm will be born so... keep watching.

Today I am watching the national radar however because my daughter and her husband who drove in from Ottawa for Shabbos to Philly will call me a little later and ask me some questions about the "snow line" and I'm going to be ready for the question this time :) I think they wanted to be in the States to watch the Eagles game personally.

Have a beautiful Sunday... wherever you are and as a friend says... enjoy the weather you got.. ciao for now, Bobbi


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