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Monday, December 17, 2007

Miami Dolphins Win ... Cold Front in the Florida!!

Christmas came early to Miami this year in the form of a BIG win over the Baltimore Ravens in a game where Greg Camarillo shined like this year's brand newest, shiniest Christmas ornament!

The whole game he played beautifully, as did CLEO Lemon who was interception free and steady or as Dan Marina said after the game during an interview "a solid performance by Cleo Lemon" worthy of a win and a celebration that made everyone feel as if they had just won the Super Bowl!

I would talk to that kicker who gave up 80 yards on two penalties and was unable to get the ball in bounds twice. I would have someone give Cleo lessons on scrambling better but then again not all quarterbacks are scramblers. But..he was steady and didn't fold, didn't throw interceptions and didn't give the ball away. That is how you win game! And.. speaking of take aways, we took the ball away at least 4 times that I remember. Don Shula used to say, over and over... you have to win the take away/give away battle to win games.

So..will Wayne sell the Dolphins or won't he? Time will tell.

As for me... was personally one of my best games all year. Sat inside the house, watching and feeling the cold front race through online with one of my favorite friends in one long 3 and a half hour plus text session watching and enjoying the game together. Saved it. LOL. I never did find a can of coke hidden away in my room for emergencies...and managed to suck on one blue rasberry tootsie roll pop through the whole 5 quarters! But, we had fun and they won!

Great game.. it may be all a matter of perspective and insignificant to many but to us... here in Miami.. it was like finding a pot of gold at the end of the proverbial rainbow and most probably given a little gold dust for luck by the 1972 Miami Dolphins Players of Perfect Season fame who were there yesterday for the 35th anniversary of that Very Perfect Season!

As for weather...

Well, I'm wearing my beautiful, brown, seude high heel boots with my favorite brown jacket with a drop of something around the color (fake fur/wooly stuff) and sipping a Starbucks Christmas Blend Tall Coffee. It has warmed up to 55 degrees with wins out of the NW at 13mph and gusts to 17mph but trust me the gusts on Lincoln Road are way closer to 20plus as the wind tunnels up Lincoln and blasts people away standing on the corner of Washington Avene and Lincoln Road! Wind Chill makes it feel 50, the low was 53. You might laugh that off if you are in Ottawa under five feet of snow but in Miami with the wind blowing in off the Ocean and the sun not up to full speed.. it's boots weather :)

Okay, so it's warming up now to 59 but still feels like Winter to Miamians and still feels like we opened some late Chanukah present that arrived late or just... Santa came early this year ;)

Happy Miami Dolphins Win
Thank you Greg Camarillo for a very happy Dolphin Victory!
Wecome to Miami ;),3/sports_featured


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