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Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Miami Dolphins On A Winning Streak and Jupiter Goes into Capricorn and Fidel Speaks!

Still basking in the glow of the Miami Dolphins Victory on Sunday and like so many in Miami wishing they would, could, would beat New England this weekend. Don't laugh. I know people with crazier dreams....... Then again being a muse I know a lot of crazy...

Speaking of Crazy... Fidel Castro released a statement yesterday. I know cause.. my ex-husband, good friend... texted me to put on the news. He knows as many of you do that I am waiting for the day..

Imagine... now he wants to listen to voices of the youth. Well, I imagine he means specifically the youth he brain washed into believing America is out to get Cuba and Cuba is the last bastion of pure, socialistic, communistic integrity... Story is developing, stay tuned...

And, I'm wearing my favorite long jean skirt that looks a bit like a mermaid and makes me look long, thin and good. Enjoying the temps in the 50s and the Holiday decorations everywhere down here, up there and even over in California.

So like... we are in that countdown period of 10 days to Christmas. Chanukah is long gone and yet I still have the overwhelming desire to go out and get myself something for Chanukah and to light some candles.

It's always strange when they are so far apart.

Of course at my old job I got to do the Kwanzaa display and decorate the tree.. boy do I miss that job ;)

Time passes.. quickly. I told my daughter yesterday that in a few months it will be spring and the 500 Ft of snow in Ottawa will finally melt. I didn't tell her it may flood Syracuse and Vermont in a wall of water but well... so much I haven't ever told her.

Time passes.

In case you don't think so... look back to a musical moment of the past and maybe you too will sit and stare with me.. your head at a tilt like you do sometimes thinking.. "what were we thinking in the 80s" :)

Really... boggle the mind.
Then again, I liked Cyndi Lauper back then..

though she somehow is beginning to get that Kellie Pickler look.
Maybe they have the same hairdresser/make up artist?

Gotta go... Enjoy the day wherever you are... be it Cold in Miami or Colder in Ottawa or in that cute little bar/pub across the Street from Fenway Park ;)

Today... Jupiter, the planet of fun, expansion, luck and that famous red spot is moving into Capricorn.. and I.. Bobbi, a sweet, good hearted, fun loving Cappy wants to have FUN... so come on, some come on... Let's Have Fun!

(like you thought there was something Tropical to talk about??)


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