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Friday, December 28, 2007

A Look At the Past.. Bhutto Assassination

This is a must read for anyone who thinks they knew who this woman was that was assassinated yesterday in Pakistan.

Do you know she went to Harvard?
Do you know she went to Oxford?
Do you know at 35 years old she was one of the youngest chief executives in the world?
Do you know she tried to right wrongs that led to her father's death in a long struggle for democracy and victory over evil.

Read this if you didn't know those things... if you thought you knew who she was:

She could have led an easy life, making money, raising her children and doing whatever women from her level of station in life do to pass the time away. But she didn't.

She went after the bad guys, she followed her dreams... more so she had a dream.

She was a hero in the most heroic sense. Unlike Superman she was not protected from bullets or bomb blasts... she was human and she died.

One can only hope that her life inspires young women and men everywhere to stand up and continue her fight in places where terrorists threatened to plunge their countries back into an archaic past of feudal, tribal warfare and might makes right.

When she was elected in 1988... almost 20 years ago... it was seen as a move towards the future and Pakistan was held up as an example of a woman in that region where women rarely have many rights...where a woman was elected head of her people. A woman with wisdom, style, heart, education and elegance who inspired the people towards democracy. She was leader of the Pakistan People's Party and with purpose and passion she was part of a process that looked to be achieving things that even we here in the West could not achieve. From within, she made changes. She was from the beginning a people person... her key to success was that she could inspire the people.

Yes she was a woman. Yes, that was part of her aura... her legacy. And, Americans were reminded that in India, in Israel, in Pakistan a woman could lead her country. Maybe it's a British sort of legacy because both Elizabeth the Great and Margaret Thatcher led their countries while in this country a woman's role seems often ceremonial "First Lady" for example. IF Hilary wins... does Bill become "First Man" ?? I wonder... sure Drudge will have fun with that.

But seriously... this is not about her being a woman or a first anything... it's about a moment in time when Pakistan, a country who is BY THE WAY... part of the Nuclear Nations of the World... moves forward into the future or back into the past or worse.... gets lost in a slide in the region into a shift of power to Osama's multi-level armies of terrorism supported by his long inspirational reach and his deep pockets of wealth which in fact.... most sadly come from this country.

I don't care a fig personally about Mexicans crossing the border illegally and trying to take jobs in America that most Americans do not want to do... they make money, they spread it around encouraging things to grow. Women in LA can work and make more money because they have a nice Alicia or Banessa or Gloria at home taking care of their house and kids and both employer and employee are spreading money around the system. I know, I am liberal on immigration.

What I do care about tremendously is the tremendous amount of money that leaves this country... money not spread around here but given to fundamentalist groups in the Middle East who use that money to encourage little terrorists to grow and go out and stop the process of democracy.

You want to shut down terrorism and win the war on terrorism? Follow the money trail, shut it down, close it off like a leaky hose leaking water all over the front lawn but in this case... dollars are leaking into the Osama's hands and into the hand of the groups he has inspired and it is used against us.

You want to talk about immigration? I don't have a problem with people from our south coming into this country working low level jobs that would not be open to them except others do not apply... I have a problem every time I go into some mini-mart that used to be run by some nice Cuban family that is not owned by some middle eastern conglomerate of families that share their tithing...their dues, their monies sent back home and got to tell you naive Americans.. it is not going to support Aunt Martha in the nursing home. Many are honest but many more are not and money from corner dollar stores to multinational corporations is going dollar by dollar back into the hands of the terrorists who are trying desperately to take Pakistan and other countries in that region back to the past..

Shut off the money... Follow the money trail... Shut it down.

You can't shut down the border from Pakistan to other areas.. it's why Osama and friends slip back and forth easily... there aren't a lot of crossing guards, just rocks and desert and open land. No "fences" in that part of the world. Just an invisible dotted line that corresponds with your map in your child's geography book.

So.... remember this brave, beautiful woman and let her inspire you and your children of both sexes to fight for their dreams. Even if she died... the process doesn't have to die unless we let it. Shutting down the leaky pipe of money that flows from America to that region's terrorists would be a bigger achievement that any other we could achieve in our War on Terrorism.

The world has lost an amazing woman. Learn about her... think on her and think on what better role model she is to the world than the Brittany's and other endless parade or American Party Girls who don't think on going out into the world and achieving things but maybe marrying some nice lawyer some day who might run for President some day and they can one day be a "First Lady" and give lots of parties in the White House.

This is a time in our destiny when we have a chance to choose who we will become in the next century... a place that honors drugs, teenage pregnancy, million dollar rap stars and bio-engineered sports heroes or... people with values, goals, dreams and passion who want to make a difference in the world. To leave this place a little better than you found it when you were born.

It's not about how we are born or how we die... it's about how we live.


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