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Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Huckabee Makes Hurricane Harbor Blog

Okay, so there isn't anything tropical going on and Fidel Castro is STILL I figure, we will talk on Huckabee.

Why not.

I mean he is a real candidate or he isn't.

The cross was there on purpose or it wasn't. I mean what is the big deal, it's not like it was a burning cross... and my mother who is Cross Phobic sees crosses everywhere (probably some genetic memory of my great-uncle's tobacco farms being burned and set on fire by the Ku Klux Klan in Quincy Florida but I am digressing in a parenthesis here...)... some people are like that.


Here is the interview about the Cross.. you view, you decide..

Personally, I think Romney is in trouble (darn I liked his father) and Hilary better lighten up... smile more as for Obama... he bores me. Sorry, he does. Shrugging my shoulders. I think Hilary is in trouble because once you get on her mailing list (yep, i did) all she does is ask for money. It gets tiring.. you know like those little begging children in Suddenly Last Summer who they told Montgomery Cliff not to go near but well.. he didn't listen..........

The sun on South Beach has JUST come out. All morning it's been cold, gray, wintry looking. See the tree... caught there between the pretty palms but with no sun to keep me warm... Now the sun came out and I am going out for a walk... a talk... a look around and well...

Huckabee.. it's like a bad movie, well you know with the writers on strike.. you got to stay entertained somehow ;)

Love and Kisses... Gillian
(i mean bobbi... )
Ps.. Paul is alive backwards.. got to give the man credit, he is witty or has very good writers. His name in the spellchecker asks you if you meant "hackable" lol.. Maybe Jimmy Stewart would have played him in the old days..................

See.. winter on South Beach


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