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Tuesday, December 25, 2007

From My Miami Heart to Yours...

A hello this holiday day!

So many memories I have of Christmas morning for a little Jewish girl.. that's funny but true.

I wish I could stay home, I wish I could go to the movies.. want to see Charlies War movie and the Bucket List (looks good) and or... just be a kid on Christmas morning. Watch TV... sports, soaps... just goof off.

But...gotta go to work. I work at a Jewish College... the non-Jews have off and we work, then we get off Purim which is... another whole megillah ;) and they work..


This has to be one of my all time favorite pictures because it means a lot to one of my dearest friends who always talks about the big magnificent Santa that used to be put up on the Burdines Building downtown. And... well... that was some Burdines in it's day. Loved looking for a new Nancy Drew book and having my mother tell me it was too expensive and how we couldn't afford it while she looked at something important and worthy of our money... while my Aunt or my Grandma Mary would buy the book for me :)

Merry Christmas... from Miami... with love


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