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Thursday, December 20, 2007

Big Shake Ups Today...Guiliani In Hospital and New Zealand Shakes

New Zealand had a strong earthquake... I lead with that only because... geology is one of those earth sciences that I made this blog originally for... weather and geology nuts go hand in hand like peanut butter and bananas on whole wheat bread with a drizzle of strawberry honey!

The Pacific Rim is not very stable today as big planetary shifts take place.

Speaking of shifts... Giuliani had his plane turned around after it was in the air and immediately checked himself into a hospital. Unless he had an inner ear infection ??? it is doubtful that he went back to the ground for anything short of signs of heart or a stroke. I listened this morning to reporters on TV reminding everyone that he had suffered cancer a while back. Come on... let's get real here.. if it was a worry over a recurrence of Cancer they could have waited til he got back to the East Coast. Usually, one only goes back for something that could be a life or death matter. I'm sure it wasn't a hang nail but it has been a real nail biter for him this week as he has seen his position of front runner slip away in a landslide of interest in Huckabee. Talk about pressure, if that isn't enough to make someone's heart go pitter patter what is? I wish him well. I don't wish he wins the election but I do wish him well.

There is nothing sadder in politics than a politician past his prime. A man who didn't go for the brass ring when he should have... and time slips away. My daughter who has lived in New York longer than I ever did loves him. She's also a die hard republican and not very interested in the Democratic Race.

Interesting... very interesting.

As for me... I still wouldn't be surprised if Cheney steps down for some health reason before too much time passes away.

Change is in the wind my friend... really in the wind.

Nope, not a song cue.. late for work, have to go find whats left of my Victoria Secrets Curl or Wave stuff and so I am waving goodbye. Have a good day.

And... as for my forever friend... thank you, I love you ;)

Hey I am feeling generous today, who knows that big volcano in the Azores or Canary Islands or wherever could sing today and we could get washed away in the world's biggest tsunami since we don't remember when because the Internet didn't exist then so I am living in the moment.

Love Bobbi



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