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Sunday, October 28, 2007

Noel Forming in the Carib.. Waiting for Recon to Upgrade

Hard to believe this isn't already a Tropical Storm and also ... amazing it's consolidated so well considering part of it is still over Hispanola.

Look at this loop:

Awesome symmetry developing and consistent energy level...

So many tracks to choose from but... as long as it goes slow and stays south the more of a chance it has to make some sort of impact in the Florida Keys or South Florida... October storms actually hit South Florida more than any other storms.

Then again... it has to develop and we'll have to watch.

Squeeze play here between Dolphin game :( and Red Sox Game ;)

I'll be back later when Recon has more definitive information..

But for now.. in the cone and I don't mean Ice Cream Cones ;)

Besos Bobbi Sox


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