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Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Waiting for a Wave To Come Together

Watching and waiting for a wave to gel or as I like to think in my worst dreams, jellin.. haha. Inside joke, sorry.

Okay... where are we? Tropically speaking..

Watching waves.. and watching this one below

A system in the Gulf might form and there is a wave in the Atlantic that has multiple vortices's that might decide to spin into something BIG and might come to a theater near you soon if you live along the coast.. yeah, I know we've been watching that wave forever.

I'll give you my take on this and that is most of what I will say today as I have waited a good part of the day to try and figure out what to say of any substance other than Trouble in some River City real soon.. if it does develop.

All the models suggest a high is going to dig in later in the forecast period. That is something weather people on air say, what it means simply is: By the time that wave becomes a big bad hurricane a high is going to force it due WEST or wsw directly at your beachfront town...

But..two problems regarding 91 and the Trouble the Models imply...

1... The models can't agree where to start their track, they differ where the beef is so to speak. Center of a circulation..
IF you can't get the beginning right then you can't get the end point right. Garbage IN, Garbage OUT.

2... They show this wave moving very slowly. It could get to the landfall faster by hopping a ride on a tired snail than what would normally happen in the tropics. IF the timing is off.. the track is off. Garbage IN, Garbage OUT.

So... I see the track.. hard not to see the track but without seeing a real spinning center or good data from QuikScat or... Recon going in with their very exciting fun to hold dropsondes.. we are just guessing, which rhymes with gellin, which this large wave has yet to do..

So.. until it comes together.. we are just "wishcasting"
something weather people do in the shower........

In the life of Bobbi otherwise... pray for good weather this week as I will be praying for a good year for me, my family, all my friends and all of you out there in cyberland. The Jewish High Holidays are Thursday and Friday and then we go straight into overtime on Shabbos. I won't be around and will be away.. watching from a distance, one eye on the tropics and one eye on the palm tree playing peek a boo with the sun and the moon depending on what time of day it is. But, more on that later.

An interesting side note here is an email I received from a Synagogue in Louisiana that is still putting itself back together after being hit by hurricanes a few years back. Just to show you how long it takes to rebuild after a hurricane. They are a Reform Congregation going through a rebuilding and I had been tracking their progress a while reminding you that just because we forget about people does not mean their life stopped but life goes on, as does time.

This year as the Jewish Holidays near I wish all of you happiness, wealth, good health, joy and the gift of time to enjoy with your loved ones.

We are one global family, all races, one world.. so enjoy this link as well:

Love has the power to transform our world.. beautiful message!

Link to Temple that is still trying to put itself back together with the help from the local community:
- High Holy Days services will be at Jefferson Baptist Church, just
next door. This is due to the reconstruction of our Sanctuary.

- Please park and enter in the rear of building.

- Baby sitting is provided at Jefferson Baptist Church for all
worship times.


Wednesday, Sept. 12, - 8:00 pm


Thursday, Sept. 13,

Childrens service - 9:00 am

Services - 10:00 am

Tashlich - 2:30 pm

Evening Services - 8:00 pm


Friday Sept. 14,

Services - 10:00 am

Services - 12:30 pm


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