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Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Tropical Storm Humberto forms From TD 9

9 is H, 8 will be I. No..this is not numerology but meteorology on a strange day in the Tropics.

Like when watching the Miss Universe Contest... they say "and the first runner up is" and the other girl FREAKS and SCREAMS because it's apparent SHE WON Miss Universe..

Everyone automatically 8 will be Ingrid.. lol wow.

Freaky Friday I guess.

Humberto will provide much rain for the middle parts of the country and hopefully not too much flooding. A good example of how rain from tropical cyclones provide much needed rain for the plains and deep south.

As for Tropical Depression 8.. still waiting for a name with any letter...

Hoping that one doesn't provide too much weather here in our part of the world.

Going off for the High Holy Days..will be watching from Key West where I arrived, safe and semi sound and very tired from the trip but very happy to usher in the New Year in Key West.

Good Yom Tov. Good Shabbos down the road.

Stay safe... Blessings, Bobbi


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