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Monday, September 10, 2007

Tidbits on the Tropics

Not really a lot to write about right now.

Gabrielle is doing the out to sea thing after kicking up the surf and not giving enough rain to North Carolina. Note to anyone reading this who might want to know.. I would love to see the outer banks one day, or a long weekend, maybe perhaps a good week to unwind. Simply beautiful images this weekend of wind whipped beaches and waves all foamy on sandy beaches.

Okay, back to earth Bobbi

So.. the NRL dropped a few of the invests and is up with only the one that was furthest out near Africa but is now around mid-Atlantic slowly pulling itself together.

So.. the invest in the gulf is gone... even though there is still some convection there and the one following the still apparent wave through the islands is gone..

Another one's gone and another one's gone and another one bites the dust...

Sort of like a game of musical chairs and they keep taking them away til one stands alone.. with a name and a destiny.

Watch the wave out over the Atlantic. The models develop it although the GFDL keeps it west bound towards the US coast while a high builds in so strong it even bends SW over the SW gulf keeping the yet unnamed storm on some date with destiny. The HMRF takes it up into the Atlantic and seems to find a path out of landfall and swims its way into the open waters. The GFDL is very slow and the timing is suspect. The Canadian barely blows it a kiss which is hard to believe.

While it is "slow" I am working on an article to be published in the near future on old Miami in the 1950s. Doing research, found some good stuff and am a happy camper this afternoon. Always feel good when you find that one piece of elusive information that your editor wants but it even eludes him (and he's the best) and suddenly, on a whim, on a serendipitous, silly gamble there it was staring me in my eyes with more info than I could have hoped for :) Smiling .. I'm better than Lois Lane! I'm Bobbi Storm! lol.

Asked Sam over at the Main Library if he heard of any historical programs in honor of the 1926 Great Miami Hurricane and he gave his goofy grin and said no... I added, other than any Mother Nature might put on lol. He laughed. Then..some totally strange, random guy walked by and said, "Hi Bobbi" and disappeared into the stacks................... okay...

Great show at the South Florida Historical Museum about water but the better part was the display on Hurricane Andrew. Features footage that is show very cool... on this big screen behind a window that is decorated like a window so that you feel like you are in your own house staring out at Hurricane Andrew ripping apart Homestead. The video is from Jim Edds and anyone interested in really knowing what it is to be in a Major Hurricane should buy the video... put it on your biggest screen, turn the lights out and turn the volume up real high and sit mesmerized by the shrill of the wind and the way that the bric brack of debris increases flying by in the wind until each piece breaks off another piece from some display or building and adds to the drama and signs fall down, poles fall down and palm trees break off and take flight. Amazing awesome video. Buy it, study it and know what a real Category five is really like without having to get up close and personal.

Okay.. the video was from Charley not Andrew but it's awesome.

Go to this page:

Click on Charley.. wow.

So you really want a hurricane?

Be careful what you wish for.. but whatever flies your way, enjoy it and hold on tight until tomorrow..

Over and out, Bobbi


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