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Wednesday, September 12, 2007

TD 8 is Forming in the Atlantic? TD 9 is Forming in the Gulf..

Short post here but just saying that TD 9 is forming and will be traveling westish.. for a few days far out in the Atlantic. Watch the ridge to it's north to see what happens, watch the fronts coming down.. just watch and wait and enjoy. This is the easy part while it's far away from anyone's home town.

TD 8 formed today in the Atlantic.. minutes almost before TD 9 formed.
Then.. they made Humberto Why the NHC did it that way I don't know but maybe it's topsy turvey Friday? Warnings are up for the Gulf coast and Texas gets a tropical storm. Rain will move up into the country.

As for me.. I am short on time. On may way down to Key West for the Jewish High Holidays where I will be attending services at a synagogue that my great, great grandparents helped start 120 years ago. Is that amazing or what? Really... blows me away when I think on it. What stories they must have had to tell.

I'll be back on Sunday ready to track, talk and muse away about what will most likely be Humberto.. unless Humberto forms somewhere else if TD 9 takes it's time.

My best blessings for everyone's happiness, prosperity and good health. May you all have the time to enjoy those you love and may you be surrounded by love... and the weather you love the most.

L'Shana Tovah


At 10:46 AM, Blogger BobbiStorm said...

From Bobbi on the road...
I meant 8 but had 9 on my mind.
Always on my Georgia

8 is in the atlantic...
9 is in the gulf
Will 9 get the H name
And 8 get the I name?

Stay tuned.

Timing problem on 8 was explained by 11am discussion. High weakes some so storm goes faster.. And can climb some latitude. Unfortunately...the high builds in later. Shear is forecast to buffet 8 (humberto or ingrid) around. If it survives the shear..... Well can think of an A storm that played that trick....

As for texas.... Looks like rain.... With 30, 40 and 50 mph winds possible.

Stay tuned.. As long as the gulfstream doesn't bring 92 back to life I should be fine in Key West...

Breaking news... Nine just got the H name....

So the Atlantic gets Ingrid down the line by default. What a year..


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