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Sunday, September 09, 2007

Sunday Morning - Gabrielle Makes Landfall... and Misc musings

Okay, so I just got back from breakfast with some friends and family. Coffee good but not good enough to wake me up. I need Starbucks or Cuban Coffee to really wake me properly. A good cafecito right now would do wonders. Maybe some Verona if Starbucks had though they are usually hawking some new flavor of the day from the tropics.

Read an article in the Sun-Sentinel about the areas ravaged by Felix and the amazing stories of survival.,0,2640204.story

Incredible story, sad, heavy, makes you wonder on how some people around the world live. On good days ... it's as good as it gets living in a thatched hut over the water in the tropics.. catching the tropical breeze. On bad days... a race to find shelter in a storm and yet.. most living on the Miskito coast lived, again reminding me how amazing it is that so many survive such hurricanes. Those out at sea were not so lucky.

As for me in Miami... going to kick back, relax, watch the Fins on TV, watch Gabrielle on TWC during commercials and maybe make a trip over to Walgreens or Walmart or Walsomething or other. Finish my leftovers from breakfast with some brown rice and sip herbal tea. Cafecito in the morning, Chamomile in the evenings.

The High Holy Days are coming later in the week. I am sure I have much to think on but in typical Scarlett fashion I'll think on it tomorrow. Today is Sunday, first Sunday of the Football Season. If I can't clean the house and zone out now.. I never will.

Gabrielle.... her small center is headed nnw even if the majority of her moisture keeps flowing more west and more south. Seems she is developing convective banding and may get upped a little bit at 11. Finally respectable.

In the far distant north Atlantic is a system that catches the eye and hypnotizes which according to a friend might become extra tropical as it approaches the Azores, maybe.

In the area down around Florida, Cuba and the Florida Straits something is going on but what I am not sure. The air feels different here today. Should rain on my old grown son who is helping an old boyfriend of mine move today. Rain is supposed to be a brocho.. a blessing. Then again as a good friend of mine said in email... rain in the right season or something like that. Good quote, good thought. We should all be blessed with the right thing at the right time this coming year.

Over by Africa the waves are rolling westbound towards our part of the world. The Navy site just posted a link to another wave.

Yet, as for me.. I'm still wondering on that small, round, stubborn area of showers headed west towards the islands at a higher than normal latitude. I'm thinking anything that is that stubborn and persists so long deserves more attention that it is getting.

I'll be back later with some thoughts as they and the tropics develop.

Go Fins!

Ps.. might work on my novel a little :)


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