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Friday, September 07, 2007

Recon Going Into Invest 99. Is Gabrielle Finally Forming?

So, for the second time this week recon is going into the area still known at Noon as Invest 99 off the SE Coast.

They also issued a Special Tropical Disturbance Statement saying that a disturbance may be forming in that area so.. that means a bit more to most of us weather people but may is still the key word here..

Shear has lessened, I will agree on that and moisture is trying to wrap itself around the center that is already officially on record yet not tropical. We are going again for the tropical destination later today... if they find something I wouldn't be surprised if they pass over the Depression phase and go straight to Tropical Storm status but well.. depends what they find and who is on first base at the NHC today.

So... watch it spin and know that it has stopped moving east and is beginning to show "westward" movement though if that will be wnw or nw.. or just plain old west for now, we will know soon.

Waited to post this for awhile in case they updated at 11 but they are waiting to carefully evaluate data from recon to make that call so by 3pm we should know.. five for sure.

Pick a loop and loop de doop.

Dvorak is not very compelling but maybe recon will be more impressed:

Current track for "99"

Occurs to me we should name this system AGENT 99 :)
My brother loved her, sort of out there like some tropical agent in hiding playing some I SPY with Recon maybe??

Also.. look at the wave off of Africa.. oh yes, beautiful wave, beautiful baby.

So..there we go.. watching the area in the Atlantic again and going into the weekend with yet another storm probably to track
and prepare for...

Re: Felix..

The info out of the devastated area is slow to come out but... really total devastation to a lot of barrier islands and swampy parts of the country. Indian villages torn apart, people missing, fisherman and women caught out at sea in the storm with almost 1935 Labor Day Hurricane sort of discussion on how little the government did or didn't do or even could do with such a fast developing storm.

Some info here.. much more online available but this says it all:

from the above article if you wondered whether it was worth clicking

"Their bodies were found floating in the ocean, said national Congressman Brooklin Rivera, a member of the regional emergency committee.

Television images showed the Miskito Cayes totally destroyed. All that remained were the trunks of trees that once supported more than 100 primitive dwellings on the barrier islands."

Seriously... that region of the country has many political problems and regional ones that reflect the diversity of the population. Whether proper warning was given or not, time will tell but either way with only canoes to hide in there weren't exactly alot of hurricane shelters there able to survive Category Five Winds. And hey, you hide in whatever you got to hide in.. I've met two different people who rode out the Great Miami Hurricane of 1926 in a Model T Ford!

As for Miami... it's hot, hot, hot!

Making shabbos in a little while.
Sweet and Sour Meatballs or Shepherds Pie depending on how many potatoes I have at home. I have no interest in one more trip to Publix today. We'll go with what we got. Everything else I already got yesterday. Maybe some soup... I know it's hot but well, in the mood for soup. Salads.. maybe I'll bake a cake. Got a big, humongous avocado on the windowsill for guacamole. We'll see, maybe I'll get inspired between here and there. Really need to rest this weekend, really, really, really.

But, my mind will be busy as always and I'll be back Saturday night with an update on what will most likely be a still weak Gabrielle. Beautiful name. Then again I used to watch One Life to Live so.. I'm a little prejudice on names ;)

Good Shabbos, have a beautiful weekend, hope you are all well, healthy, happy and you have someone to love.

Ps if you do, make sure to tell them you do. There's no time like the present!


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