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Friday, September 07, 2007

Recon Finds Zippo Not Gabrielle

Nothing. They flew around so long I thought they might run out of gas. I was getting worried.

No closed circulation. 17 mph here or there winds. Some higher but nothing high enough to qualify an advisory especially without a closed circulation and it's definitely not for lack of trying Lord knows..

Meanwhile, check out the Gulf... Southeast Gulf specifically. Quite a large group of showers there, darker color and more of it and a general twist, bloom look in the upper levels. Worth watching.

Meanwhile "the more than 100 meteorologists at The Weather Channel watching the system off the Southeast Coast" will keep watching the system will the rest of us. My gosh is the hype a little out of hand for this Tropical System headed back towards the Carolina, New York and parts of Nova Scotia. Iowa is exempt!

Good Shabbos... Bobbi


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