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Monday, September 10, 2007

Proenza Gets His Job Back @ NWS and...

And..........Quikscat is scheduled to be replaced if they keep their word.

Seems that the man who wasn't a people person enough for the NHC was people person enough for the gang at the NWS where he will return to his job where he is in charge of many more employees than he had at the NHC. Hmmmm. "He once again will manage nearly 1,000 forecasters and other employees in 47 offices in Florida, nine other states" not to mention Puerto Rico..

Article goes on to state that: "In a related development, the agency said it was addressing a variety of other operational issues identified by a special assessment team that looked into Proenza's management of the center.

It said a consultant would look into a organizational issues and morale problems at the center, a team of experts would work toward accelerating improvements in forecasting and the agency soon would develop a recommended replacement for the QuikScat satellite."

So.. he may have won the battle and the war as I am sure his talents and skills as a people person will be better utilized at the NWS where he will be working round the clock, 24/7, 365 days a year tracking stormy weather of all kind vs just duties at the NHC which is mostly busy during the hurricane season only part of the year.

And.. he got a vote in the battle for Quikscat which was used all season to help keep track of Dean and Felix. Many of the forecasts at the NHC were made using the very important sat.

Well... the tropics we are still waiting for one of the tropical waves to pop.

Glad he got his job back... shame they couldn't just hire a mediator like most agencies and work out the employer/employee relations at the NHC but well.. maybe he will be happy to see his old job after his stormy season at the NHC.

Maybe...he should have had Lautenbacher's job instead of the government giving some person from the outside who was working in private industry after his retirement from the Armed Services the job...

just a thought...

Anyways... how bout those waves ;)

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