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Sunday, September 16, 2007

Peek A Boo From Paradise

Hey there.. quick hello from Key West before the sunrises and while the stars are still plentiful in the heavens.

Looking around the boards for the first time in a few days I see Ingrid may make it or may not. May die a excruciatingly slow death in the Atlantic. She may come back to life ala Nogaps and be yet a force to reckon with.. especially if you are a ship. Ships model by the way had a lot to say.

I found out that Florida beat Tennessee yet not the score of the UM game. Guess that says a lot about Hurricane City message board.... I can always try ESPN..

Nogaps also develops a storm down in the Caribbean that rides up into South Florida through the Keys and keeps on trucking. Maybe that's Jim's Key Largo hit lol.

And, I wonder if the shear is going to remain a bit of a player and the westerlies well.. is the Cape Verde Season over at the height of what is supposed to be the Cape Verde Season and we segue into Caribbean October like scenario already? Curious though wouldn't mention it too much on the board.. trackers like Cape Verde storms though Ingrid might cure them of that. Boy, is she a cold fish or what? Just hangs there, swimming around slowly. Models called that one. I mean really called that one. I couldn't see how anything could move that slow but they were right.. in fact I think she's moved slower than the models. And... yet.. she is still there, flaring up nicely on enhanced IR.. very recognizable from outer space. My rule of thumb with a system like that is.........never turn your back on it or forget about it.

So... going to loop some loops, go to ESPN and see if UM beat FIU and if anyone was arrested. My son and his friends were going.. they expected it to be a heated game, word was police were brought in for crowd control. Must not have been so big as to have been covered so well on the weather message boards lol. Smiling. Shaking my head, very funny.

I'll be back later today, back to whatever is normal on the mainland Monday and watching the tropics as always.

I had a beautiful week down here for the High Holy Days as they are called.

B'nai Zion is truly one of the most wonderful congregations in the world. A room full of people who feel as family and join together in prayer. The Rabbi is really wonderful as are the people. Left me with much to think on, ponder, wonder and... well, able to think a bit clearer on life. Inspiring and fun. Great kiddush put out for lunch and time to talk with friends. Incredible story of the Rebbetzen and her early life in Europe.. blows you away how strong and smart some people are.. besides all her grace was a window into a different time told so dramatically around the lunch table. Yes, all in all... amazingly, beautiful, inspirational time.

And... Rosh Hashonnah being the birthday of the world... I sat on the dock at the end of Duval Street watching the sun come up on yet another day, in another year and could start it off down here. Perfect! I'm lucky to have such wonderful, good friends and I do give thanks every day!

Wandered around old time, walked around, stared at the flowers, the trees, the beauty of it all.. gave thanks for such a beautiful world. Walked over to Voltaire's the new book store down here.. great place, might write more on that later. Spent a good part of the afternoon Friday at the library talking history with Tom Hambright and friends. Got back in time to do Tashlich at Casa Marina with the Temple.

It's Biker Weekend down here, thousands and thousands of Bikers on a Charity run. Zoom, Zoom ..vroom, vroom... up and down Truman and Duval.. Wow, sounded like rolling thunder, really did.. but am quietly tucked away here from the noise at the house I am staying at. Just me and my friend's cats, the stars hanging over the pool and a million thoughts floating around in my mind while I float in the pool.

You hear all sorts of things at Shul, friends gave me updates on models for Ingrid, news of the Mayor election and best of all I heard that the Waterfront Market may stay after all under new ownership. :)

That's it. Going to take a quick swim before the sun comes up, finish my coffee and pack up.

I hope all of you had a beautiful weekend, hope your teams won, your homes are safe from windstorms or firestorms and may all your dreams come true ... indeed.

Bobbi Boo


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