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Thursday, September 06, 2007

Lull In The Tropics....

As Jim says at Hurricane City... No Active Storms.

Nada. Nothing. Recon went into the Invest known as "99" and found a circulation of sorts but not tropical in any way and since that time shear has become more of a problem not less so... nothing happening until and if shear lessens.

Still... I saw on air weather people at The Weather Channel explaining how hard it is to understand that something could still happen even though it doesn't look like much is happening. That is true or should I say .. models still indicate something can or may develop. So, we play the model game and keep watching to see if they are truly the meteorological scientific answer to Miss Cleo or not.

Mind you... remember... models did not to a good job picking up on Felix developing into a hurricane let alone one of the hurricanes of all time but... well, it's always the biggest ones that are the most difficult to predict.

Note.. IF something was going to develop I think it would be at the tail end of the frontal boundary..wherever that finally sets up and not where the models predicted. Closer down in the Bahamas maybe but not so far north. At least not in my opinion anyways.
On the water vapor there is a big transition going on in the tropics. Into the vacuum everything races.

The high is still digging south off the East Coast and further to the East the high is digging west and north ..squeezing off any place for moisture to form into something wicked.

Moisture remains off the coast of Mexico like some shadow storm leftover from Felix and another cluster nestled into the curve of the Bay of Campeche. Further west is a wave... off of Africa. Models DO develop a wave soon in the far Atlantic but again remember what I said earlier.

So... that's it for today except a little video that I think everyone here will enjoy. It's tropical, it's musical.. great song, always loved it personally. This is a link to video taken from Hurricane Hunters flying through the eye of Felix.. awesome video, great soundtrack and lighting effects from Mother Nature.

Everyone be well, rest up, enjoy life and we'll see what happens in the tropics tomorrow.

Besos Bobbi


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