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Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Just Rain or Just Jerry?

Big debate going on in weather circles today as to whether a tropical system is developing off the Florida Coast or.. if it's just rain caught up in an Upper Level Low.

Good question.

I have been given Neil Frank's view that Texas should keep watching it for possible development down the road. Joe Bastardi did a whole discussion on it and his totals for the year this year. He think it's worth watching as this year seems to have a lot of "close in" development. NHC is watching but cautiously so. Jim Williams gave his webcast today. Seems we are all cautiously watching.

It's been a very busy day for me. A lot going on at work and taking care of various things that need to be taken care of.. such as over analyzing the Dolphins disgusting loss last weekend with my brother and other friends. No... seriously, I was so busy today I could barely loop a loop.

I love going to Key West. Love it, love it, love it. However when I do go away like that I lose all my time to do those annoying bizzy work, tasks you need to do and you get thrown behind. But, still.. it's worth it. That place is indeed the fountain of youth and without traffic, noise nor congestion you can enjoy the simple life :)

I don't know. I sort of waited til the house got quiet and all the models came in, loops looped and I could really study it before giving my thoughts.

Will it develop into Jerry? Possibly, probably but as what and will it really need a name? Will this be a tropical system or another hybrid stretching numbers?

Time as always will tell.

There is another system out in the Atlantic that looks good but... I see it being hit by the same shear zone as Ingrid. In the Pacific off the coast of Mexico a storm is forming and that usually puts the kaboosh? (is that how you spell it) on anything in the Gulf or Carib. IF...........and big IF.. it manages to stay off shore a bit longer and the wave develops over the warm gulf stream and becomes a real .. wait let me say this again.. A REAL TROPICAL SYSTEM.. then THAT would be interesting

Either way.. rain in the right season is a blessing and we can use all the rain we can get in many places. Then again... after La Nina is gone... we may long for sunny days.

So..that's my thought today. Too tired to google a song or picture tonight so you'll have to forgive me. Only song that came to mind suddenly was "Sing, sing a song" but I really am not in the mood to think on Carpenters. What I do need is to hear the song, "I love the now" from Jimmy Buffett.. bought a small note pad with that saying on it Key West while trying to catch a cab to get out of the rain by Margarittaville on the way home from Faustos. Go figure I don't have it? I must have it. So many CDs ... somewhere over the rainbow is tomorrow but for now, today...important to love the Now.

Check back tomorrow to see if ole Jerry will once again be an annoying storm and not some famous classic Cape Verde. Why do the Jerry storms always have to be wierd close in Florida storms?

Nite... may all of your tomorrows be better than your yesterdays,



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