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Wednesday, September 05, 2007

In Search of Gabrielle

Recon is headed out today into the waters of the Atlantic just off the SE coast in search of finding Tropical Depression #7 and possibly down the road a Tropical Storm with the very beautiful name of Gabrielle.

Not sure if they will find what they are searching for this morning but something definitely exists out there from visible imagery. Unfortunately, for this wanna be depression it's tropical moisture has been ripped away by shear. Sort of like some Historical Romance where our heroine Gabrielle is fighting off some treacherous highwayman on the windy moors tugging at her lacy long white flowing gown. Will she fight him off and hold onto her dignity not to mention the beautiful gown or... will she die a sad death as she floats off towards the Sargasso Sea?

Hard to say just yet. Keep watching. Hard to ignore the models as the last few runs have the system making landfall as a named storm later in the forecast period. May I say here.. the GFDL really, really, REALLY likes Charleston..for example. Others who I trust immensely say that Gabrielle (if this is Gabrielle and not an impostor) will dance around beautifully in the Atlantic, providing some great high surf on the Atlantic beaches and then go gracefully out to sea.

Look fast before it changes, changes often

Time will tell and speaking of Jimmy, listening to Radio Margaritaville on and off this morning.

As for Felix.. he has made the crossing in record time (never slowed or stopped as the NHC feared he would) and is about to plop himself down into the very warm waters of the Pacific which may be a bit chilly compared to the Atlantic side but still warm enough to create toil and trouble if he can get himself spinning again. Now, THAT would be a great ending for the long saga of Felix the Cat 5 Storm that wouldn't die.

I'll be back later today pending news from the planes and updates on life, love and the pursuit of happiness.
Hey Good Lookin, what you got cookin.. hows about cookin something up with me ;) I'm free and I'm ready, maybe we could go steady..

Thanks Doorman for the great graphic!


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