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Saturday, September 01, 2007

Hurricane Felix, Way Ahead of Scheduled Arrival

So.. Felix formed into a hurricane a few days ahead of the NHC's original forecast for it.

I said they low balled it and were way too conservative. I suppose it's hard to go with your gut when you want to have computer models back you up. For some reason the models have never loved Felix, most of them anyway. Maybe they thought the interaction with land would slow him down or hurt him more.

Today at one point, a good third of Felix was interacting with land and yet it didn't seem to slow his intensification down much. Look at long water vapor loops your'll see.

And.. no matter how much moisture is to the wnw or nw of him he still wants to go west.

We'll see. Will check back tomorrow morning and have more thoughts.

I did want to add that IF and I do mean *IF* invest 98 in the far midele atlantic forms it will form further north than Dean and Felix and it will have more possibilities track wise even though the short term has it going west. IF .. something forms off the SC coast or even just hangs out there.. could pull it more wnw .. if it doesn't get grabbed up by a TUTT of opening in the Atlantic. Something to watch a bit out of the corner of the eye while watching Felix move west and intensify.

More tomorrow, got to pace yourselves here.. it's a long weekend!


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