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Saturday, September 08, 2007

Gabrielle Not Playing By Rules.. Going more West

Okay, early morning, late night update here while i sit with my friends watching the plane get closer and closer to finding out and figuring out what Gabrielle is doing because she is way off track. She is so off track tonight it's like watching an old episode of Gilligan's Island where Ginger hits her head and has a concussion, wakes up and thinks she is Gilligan.. if you get the picture here...

So... if you hit the forecasted points option on the loops where it is available you will see Gabrielle has wandered west.. some even say south but hey we aren't sure which center this is.. lower, mid-level... ???

Just making the point here that they may have to change the track fast or at least by 5am they should have some idea for sure what is going on with Gabrielle.

Here are some loops.. going to bed soon, fascinating story evolving here and remember she is out over warm water with low shear. Could it be she hit the wall of high pressure and doesn't know what to do while waiting for her trough ride to Greenland or England? Only time will tell :) (you knew I'd say that)

Nite everyone, happy tracking...
I would go to sleep, I should go to sleep but really nothing like sitting up with friends watching the plane circle around on google lol looking for the center of Gabrielle..

loops to watch


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