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Monday, September 03, 2007

Felix Moves West.. Towards Landfall

Watching Felix move steadily westward towards Central America and watching him fluctuate up and down in intensity. Currently the pressure is up and the winds are down, but something wierd is going on inside that eye wall.

click here every few minutes and see what I mean:

Next on the list of topical things tropical..

There is a new invest off the coast of South Carolina, Georgia and parts of Florida.
99 it is called for our purposes.

See... three, three, three invests in one.

Heard it said that 99 will float around for a few days and may end up as a Category One headed north. Maybe. I've heard a lot of things but right now I am more worried on what Felix will do as it makes landfall and whether or not 98 has it in it.. to pull together the way Felix did and track further to the right/north.

Watch and wait...wait and watch. Not much else to do.

God is putting on quite a lightning show here tonight so I can going to go sit outside on my porch and watch the show a bit before watching TWC the rest of the night.

Had an intersting day. Home on vacation, sick with a cold and fever and watched some part of a strange OLTL and would swear I had deja vu or General Hospital is doing reruns.. wierd.

Listened to music. Hung out. Organized (hey I'm a capricorn we do that) and listened to music. Oh. I said thath.

Made brown rice in the steamer from crazy stalker friend, great steamer. Thanks.
Message to Robby Boy... No, No, No I do not want to talk under any fake names so can't you shuffle off to Buffalo or where ever you go when you go.. unless you want to buy me some cute little Conch Cottage down in Key West and keep me like a little talkative bird in a gilded cage... you know like that movie with whats his name, no no and no. I think I made myself clear. Nothing personal I just need to stay focused ya know.. whatever, you know who you are so let's not make this too easy to understand.

I'm sick. I'm out. Might come back later tonight and post more if there is something to post but really, honestly, truly... time to batten down the hatches if you are in Central America or catch the last plane out.

Think I'll go listen to Barometer Soup or some cd from steven. Yup.

Eeenie, Meanie, Minie, Moe lol lol pick an invest, grab a seat and sit a spell and watch it spin.

Bobbi Boo


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