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Sunday, September 02, 2007

Fantasitc Felix Imagery

In the world of meteorological art that is about as good as it gets. I think you could blow that up, frame it and hang it in a large living room painted some shade of pale Aqua and no one would realize it was a hurricane but just a beautiful piece of Modern Art..

Incredible imagery of a hurricane so strong at such a low lat that it almost rests it's bottom half on the South American coastline. Okay, it's eye is way north but it's tail is swirling around slamming into the coastline of Venezuela as it moves just north of west in a course that the NHC hopes will be WNW.

More incredible imagery can be seen for free at:

Play around there, you could get lost if you like hurricanes, weather, maps or art.

So.. Felix follows Dean, like a double header.

A new area of interest out in the Atlantic is being blown apart by very negative conditions but if it survives, and many feel it will survive as it has a feisty low pressure system anchored at it's center it could and I do mean *could* pose a problem to the United States and the Northern Islands of the Caribbean.. IF it survives. A big "if" right now but that is the world we trackers and chasers live in... If this happens, IF that happens. Weather is fluid. Anais Nin would have never written a word or typed an IM to Henry Miller if she was able to sit and stare at a water vapor loop.

So... what more can I say about the tropics? We are in Sequel Summer and mother nature is producing sequels faster than Hollywood could write them if they tried.

It's warm, it's hot. Rain is falling off the coast of the Carolinas.. possibly in eye sight of a friend of mine who is probably pondering life and the tropics as we speak from his home on the edge of the sand. It probably won't rain in Miami today, but it should but then a writer friend of mine says I should never said should. Nope, I shouldn't. HAHA.. they never said I couldn't say "shouldn't" Always a loophole if you look for one.

Getting over a health problem I had last month and coming down with a cold at the same time. I'm okay. But, it does make you look at life a bit differently when you can't see real well and even the beautiful blue waters of the Florida Straits can only be seen with one eye :( I'm okay, really. I don't like dentists and I don't like eye doctors though.. not sure which is worse, them digging around in your mouth or dropping drops into your eyes which make you feel like a Vampire Queen unable to fall asleep or close your eyes just to have them tell you what you already know.. you can't see well out of that eye. Duh.. But, not to worry it will go away soon probably so go home, relax and rest.. Rolling eyes. I'm okay. I'll live. No long lasting effects, no horrible diseases, no brain tumors (that we could find) and I now know I don't have blood sugar problems, diabetes or high blood pressure. My blood pressure was so low that they had to give me barbecue potato chips to find it. Something about a nerve, my jaw... brother Jay in Greece is right I am sure and how come when I was seven and slammed my jaw/face into a dashboard in a car accident all everyone talked about was the stitches and the blood and no one said anything about a concussion. I must have had one hell of a concussion looking back on it.. or what I remember lol.

So... just saying here that today and this weekend is a good day to stare at the tropics, watch a good ballgame, go to the beach or the bookstore or the Mall or to lie in bed eating whatever it is you love to eat.. or sushi at Whole Foods or try making some ginger/carrot soup or whatever soup you like.

Celebrate the end of summer and the beginning of September. Two men I care about tremendously are both born in September. I should learn to give Virgos up for lent. Well, if I was to convert to Catholicism make that a number one priority. I need a Cancerian, a Pisces... a Scorpio, a Capricorn with any of the above mixed into the melange.

And, lastly I want to say here..down here deeply hidden where maybe only Pisceans or Scorpios or stubborn Taureans are still reading... that I hope Owen Wilson recovers from his suicide attempt and gets a grip on his problems and finds a way to move past them and to that place he always wanted to go... that picture of his future that seems to elude him or mock him. We all have that... a place we want to go, a direction, something we need that eludes us and haunts us and makes us lie awake at 3am wondering on where we went wrong in life. Well, some don't lie awake, some like Brick in Cat On A Hot Tin Roof just drink until that click happens when nothing matters anymore and we are blessedly at peace with the world again.

Owen is an actor and a writer. I don't see how anyone can be totally shocked that he had a dark side or problems. Did they think he was always going to go through life smiling and looking sunny? Obviously, they don't know actors well. I do. I started out real young as an actress, my best friends were actors, my best friend in the whole world was an actress and a writer, her sister is an actress and a writer, my ex-husband was and is an actor. Once an actor, always an actor.

The only thing worse than being an actor is an actor who writes, being a writer. And, trust me I know more about writers than a midwife knows about birthin' babies.

I know what it is like for everyone to expect you to be sunny and bright and cute and cheerful and well watch a few movies with insipidly, easy going strong, cheerful women and you'll know a lot more about me but what you won't see is what is inside, deep down beneath the smiles and grin and my faith and my kids and my friends help, even a few Virgo men lol but to a writer... in the words of the late, great F. Scott Fitzgerald it is always 3 AM in the morning.

Luckily when my writer friends are writing and my actor friends are acting and the world is sleeping and the dreamer is dreaming I can watch the water vapor loop and smile and think in wonder what a beautiful, wonderful world this is... unless of course you were in Aruba this weekend.

Don't say should, don't throw trash on the ground and leave this world a better place than you found it!

Besos Bobbi

"In a real dark night of the soul, it is always three o'clock in the morning, day after day." F. Scott Fitzgerald


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