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Sunday, September 09, 2007

2nd Half of the Hurricane Season 2007 Begins Today

Something about September....

The start of the football season and schools starting that leads us into the 2nd half of the Hurricane Season.

The real season. Prime Time Atlantic Hurricane Season.

Summer is fun time, all the kids are playing online, waves look great and fizzle suddenly and everyone hypes up and wishcasts every wave into existence.

Come the old movie.. things change, and we are prime time on all fronts.

There are 4 invests tonight on the Navy site.. four!
I'm afraid to check..there might be a fifth one as I type this..

So... get out your score cards and root for your favorite wave, your favorite forecaster and buy water and batteries because now we head into the Peak Week...

September Remember part of the nursery rhyme.

Look at this site:

Look on the top left where the Atlantic Basin is lit up the 4th night of Chanukah!

Look at wunderground: 4.. count em FOUR

As for me... I'm in football heaven here. Got the Giants game on in the background, watched the Dolphins play better than they have for a while.. but still lose, watched updates and parts of the Chicago/San Diego game... and.... listened to Fins Football on the radio. Sigh..............

The fins should not have thrown that last pass and gone long. They had been having problems all day throwing long, dropped passes and near interceptions. They were doing good up the middle for throws of 10 and 15 yards and should have thrown one up the middle or tried running the ball...which granted they did badly all night but it would have worn time off the clock and been safer. After that near interception and that last series the Redskins got momentum going into overtime and found their groove. Not good. And, not going to join the little feel good fest I heard on the radio. The purpose of football is to win the game.. not work on building a team over 3 or 4 years. Not worry on integrity of players and having real, upright football players but put the ball between and under the uprights. The kicker did his job, the Fins offense did not and the Defense didn't show up but ran out of steam late in the game. The Redskins did not play great, but they played better and on their home field. A lot to be happy about but I am still not happy we got Ginn instead of Quinn. Trent is nice but he's not a franchise quarterback, he would have made an incredible back up to Brady or a quarterback to teach him the game. Yes... stars have often come out of the 9th and 10th round of drafts but when you see a player of worth.. with potential you don't pass him over because quite frankly in life.. you sometimes don't get second chances.

Time will tell on the 2007 and Dolphin season but we lost today and even with losing it was great to see them out on the field. Next week.. we better win or you will start hearing the same old complaint that is always made.. where is the Dolphins Running Game?

So.... going to go watch the game and TWC and make some lists for things to do tomorrow.

Pick an invest... any invest but hope that whatever is out there stays away from Miami this coming weekend... got other plans and hate to see them get blown away by Humberto or some tropical depression.

Love and Kisses to all my friends.
Good wishes for a safe, happy, good, prosperous new year and as I have been want to say in the past... May All Your Wishes Come True..

Be well.. be good, be happy.. Bobbi
Ps.. is that not the most beautiful picture up there on top.. looks like a diamond or a sapphire falling off of a beautiful necklace draped across the Altantic Ocean. Art from God! :)


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