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Thursday, August 30, 2007

Watch Replay of Hurricane Katrina Making Landfall.. at Hurricane City

Great link from Chris on Hurricane City at the message board.
Best view to see down into the center or centers of the wave in the far atlantic that may or may not become Felix in a few days.

And... if you really want to see hurricane coverage and some history as it was made check out hurricane city TODAY.. NOW and watch Jim's show on Katrina.
As someone on it said.. I didn't get to see too much back then and when I did well.. we had no power, things were messy... I was distracted but now.. can really watch.

As Jim said to a caller upset he hadn't heard form his friend in Miami... "a lot of power problems" prevented me from watching and listening to Jim do his incredible webcast when Katrina made landfall. Listening to Jim you will see why he is such an expert and how well he knows hurricanes. He's insistent that this will be a bad problem for New Orleans even when the storm is not making landfall there, he spots the strong rain in the bands that probably did the levees in and when the local media slaps eachother on the back with how lucky they are in New Orleans and how they "missed the bullet" he is very upset that they would talk so prematurely, sure that sadly there will be many problems with the levee..

Watching history, in detail.. after the fact knowing what really happening. Amazing, compelling and educational.

No network had anything any better.. so true.

Watch: follow the prompts to watch the show he is showing for free on Katrina. Get on and watch soon or it will be gone. Unless you are a paid subscriber which.. you might want to throw him some money as my brother Jay says.. because he really deserves it.

later.. keep watching the wave in the far atlantic..


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