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Friday, August 31, 2007

TD6 Forms In the Caribbean

Tropical Depression SIX forms in the Caribbean as predicted and previously announced by NHC. Their discussion compliments the TD's form and it should be a TS by tomorrow. Officially they have it as a Hurricane by Tuesday but I think they are lowballing it a bit on the intensity level.. and timing.

Either it has good conditions for intensifying or it doesn't for the next few days. If so.. I would think it would be a hurricane by Sunday. Not a Cat 5 one, just a hurricane. I think there is a lot of shear there and some tendency to bend the track a bit to the right just after the islands. I don't see anything that would stop it from crashing into Belize or the Yucatan but you never know. Just because a system starts low does not mean it can not pull north. No models show that at this time and for our sake... that would be fine but keep watching. It's early still and the next model runs will have the new info from Recon to factor in and watch carefully.

Will check back in later after shabbos. As my friend said so well, "another shabbos storm for you to watch" lol... yep. Food smells great and I am resting, really going to rest and watch and read and see where we are in 24 hours.

That's all for now.. Bobbi
90 degrees in Miami
a storm with a history we hopefully won't see again anytime soon.. took a real bite out of the Caribbean countries, caused so much damage before catching a cold front out to sea but showing track because... good to study and remember history!


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