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Friday, January 12, 2007

Postville Iowa... looks a lot like Smallville :)

Very, very nice here. Can't wait til the sun comes up to see what it really looks like as we drove in at night but so far... saw Main Street and houses and hills (bet they are going to be a pain come Shabbos) and everyone seems so nice.

Here for a L'Chaim (engagement party) for my son and meeting the 'in-laws" and it's nice.

Flew into Minneapolis airport which I haven't been to in...well... since the summer of 76 when I was here hanging out, teaching a little and boy was that a long time ago. Looks the same though, drove past old Fort Snelling and I was like "wow there's Ft. Snelling" (took the campers there a lot on daytrips). So funky to be back in Minnesota, like some time warp. Like Sharon would say time folding back in on itself... drove down through Rochester (which we used to do on Tish B'Av in the afternoon to visit sick people in the hospital there from S. Paul) and on to Iowa. Of course have only been here in the summer before and there were corn fields and things vs empty wintery fields.

So.... here in the land of corn and butcher places and hills and views and big old northern trees with a slight chance for snow tonight and more tomorrow.

Big world, small world. I'm wondering how different this area is from Kansas and from Minnesotta and things like that. Almost in Minnesotta. Drove past Harmony which has Amish people out and about.

It's nice to be away from the traffic, to be on roads where cars move and hoping if the clouds go away at night to see stars. Like to see that comet if you can from here... not sure. And, looking forward here.. like in Miami to Shabbos, especially one where I can relax, think and not worry on how many eggplants to buy for babaganush and wondering how many people are going to show up or not as you never know in my house.

For once... on a real vacation ... in Iowa.

Fun with my baby brother :) who thinks he is my big brother these days and watching not tropical weather for a change. And, very wonderful seeing my son happy and knowing where he is going to be living up close and personal.

Flew into Minnesotta and there were these low strips of winter clouds and I knew I wasn't in South Beach anymore.

Watching winter and good shabbos to whoever you know who you all are from Iowa.

Bobbi :)


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