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Thursday, January 04, 2007

Fly Saban Fly... Congratulations and Enjoy Alabama

Woke up this morning and read all the reports about Saban leaving the Fins behind as he took the job and flew off to Alabama and decided to repost here my letter to my brother Jay in Greece... so you can read my thoughts as I know there are a few people who enjoy reading my thoughts. I've been quiet and I owe you so... here goes.

Dear Jay,

In response to your letter regarding Saban walking away from the Fins...

Nah, I'm thrilled. I loved Saban. Absolutely loved him, one of my favorite coaches and if he didn't take that job he would have been an idiot and he's not. He's one smart, gorgeous cookie and it was one of the most amazing offers ever. Not only is he not dumb or stupid ... he is one good provider for his family. And, lastly Huzeinga wanted him to go... he did this whole fish mouth sort of "well we'll see what he does" press conferences where you could see in his eyes he could care less.. come-go who cares attitude. Probably something you didn't get to see on CNN abroad.

Huzeinga is (fill in the blank for your choice bad word of the week), he made his fortune in garbage. He totally dismantled a winning world series baseball team immediatly after winning like you would sell your mother's jewels before the funeral.He cared not for the people of this City or how his fans would feel; he broke kid's hearts across South Florida who gave up baseball for soccer and hockey and never looked back. He is cheap with money for the Fins and most coaches don't want to work for him. He has a bad organization, a very bad organization that goes way beyond coaching and the coach position in Miami is totally hog tied behind his "machine" that is doing a lousy job with the team. See Jimmy Johnson's exit talk on the futility of doing work for the Dolphin organization; another smart man who knew when to leave a losing situation.

Coaching the Fins is an exercise in abuse by a boss and you basically stay take your check and go home at the end of the game and hope like hell that somehow you can win next week. I'm not sure the team isn't cursed since leaving the Orange Bowl by some Seminole Chief somewhere... maybe JRS stadium or whichever brand of underwear it is named after this week wasn't built on Seminole Burial Mounds... it is up the canal here from me and there are mounds down at my end.

Seriously, you don't see all the press conferences in Europe. You couldn't help but sit there and plead with him "Saban take the money, this isn't worth it"

It is one of the crappiest teams around and I mean that as a cesspool for bad talent and a few good guys who are stuck there trying to make a difference who shine. And it hurts to say that but it's true and sometimes you have to face the truth.

Teams are built in the upper rank and file and at the bottom line where money talks. They do bad trades, they do bad draft picks and there is no "heart" in the team and hasn't been in years.

And, Huzienga is like some Batman villain, so one dimensional that Lex Luthor would cringe just for being put in the same category as him.

I love Saban, liked him... came to love him... and am very glad he took the money. I think if he had been single and didn't have kids and a family he might have honestly stayed and kept banging his head against the wall.

In College you get new cards every year... it's a constant reshuffling and what you do has some effect 3 or 4 years later on recruits.. In PRO if you have a bad bad organization you have sold your soul to the devil.

Barely watched the fins this year, I did but not with the intensity I used to and watched Saban a lot and you had to feel sorry for him. More so... the bulk of the NY fan base would have been SCREAMING for him to be booted next year if we didn't win the playoffs and you know that much is true. Even heard talk this year.. "well maybe we need a new coach" so more so .. this isn't some man walking away from winning the Super Bowl to retire and leaving a team high and dry... he's taking the best offer of his life so far and running with it for the end zone. One cause he is a provider for his family and two.... cause he likes to win and winning in Miami with the gang in charge at the main office is impossible.

Yeah, he denied he would. Coaches always do that. They also always say they are planning on staying publically when they know they are being fired at the end of the season like Coker. My only regret is that Saban wasn't being hired by the University of Miami. Denial is a river in
Africa.. remember..

Ps... did you know in a spell checker it asks you if you meant "wheezing" for Huizenga? Go figure...

Old joke... can't spray strawberry spray in an elevator where someone is farting and make the smell go away, you just end up having strawberry scented stink.

Love you... man if he didn't take that offer I don't know if I could have watched next season.

Batter up, life goes on... garbage man is probably trying to figure out how he can get Shula's son to be coach for a good discount figuring it will sell some season tickets.

love me...


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