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Wednesday, January 03, 2007


Well, it's 2007! Finally...

I'm not sure if I have posted that as I am really sort of on hiatus until the season starts... if it does. We could have another slow season and then what? How is El Nino? I wonder. Can you believe I have hardly looked at a weather link? Really.. believe it!

Been very cloudy here as some frontal boundary has been draped across South Florida for more days than I can remember.

I am almost close enough to next weekend to check out a 10 day forecast on Iowa and Minnesotta as I will be heading north then and hoping it's a quiet weekend meteorology. Then again.. I would LOVE to see snow falling. And, I am looking forward to this getaway more than words can say. How cool is that? In a million years I never would have thought I'd be traveling up north this winter so many times. You see.. you just never know what's up or down the pike do you?

So...that's it for now. Going to go out to lunch on Lincoln Road and check out the After New Year Sales.

I'll post another time about the retirement of Max Mayfield. Just saying now...

Dear Max,

You did an incredible, amazing job and we will miss you so much,


Change... wow, can't you feel it coming at ya?


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