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Thursday, November 30, 2006

Last Day of The Hurricane Season - Random Rants

Well... this is the view from up above

No storms, high pressure in control of the Caribbean basin and frontal flow across the upper 48. Infact if you want to see weather... there will be lots of it the next few days across the Eastern part of the country. My son in NY called to tell me there are supposed to be strong winds over Shabbos..strong, gusts to Tropical Storm force. Imagine anyone out on Long Island is going to have one heck of a Friday night as winds will race in from the south according to the last report I saw. Snow looks possible for this week ... Miriam may have to deal with snow sooner rather than later.

As for me.. down here in this "third world country" I am sitting barefoot, ankles crossed resting up on the edge of the sofa with the windows open and blowing beautiful fresh air on my back..which is partially exposed as I am in my morning tank top and long loose skirt... feeling the breeze on my neck, listening to birds and watching a pair of parrots fly across the sky. My perch on the world from a tropical paradise... its a bit chilly (must be mid 70s) and maybe I'll go put a real shirt or take a hot shower or walk barefoot across the cuban tile floor to the washer and put my clothes in the dryer. Third World? I'm sorry but I think the poor man who has to give his interview by the fireplace in November lives in a white toast world where everyone speaks English (or wherever his personal country club and golf course are) and everyone I suppose is from the right side of the tracks.

Let me explain the term THIRD WORLD. It doesn't denote a place where people speak multiple languages and have their choice of coffee or breakfast bread. In Miami we have Bagels, Corn Bread, Cuban Bread, Whole Wheat and a wide variety of breads in a wide variety of wonderful bakeries. Argentinian, Peruvian, Haitian, "American", Kosher Style, Kosher, New York, French, Italian, Creole... that is called diversity. Our three bedroom houses cost what mansions do in other places and people from all over the world to buy beautiful hi-rise loft condos overlooking the magical moon over Miami rise over beautiful Biscayne Bay. Third World country denotes a poor place where people are starving and waiting for economic aid from countries better off ... a place where people are out of work and out of the loop technologically. I sure hope this Senator isn't on the Foreign Relations Committee.

Obviously to him "Third World" = Not of English Origin.

I guess Russia and China are third world too. As for crime... shame his state botched the murder investigation of that poor little girl who was dressed up like a beauty queen at the age of 5 or so and they still can't figure out who did it.

What a world. I may often think of moving. Lately, I obsess on it all the time. Maybe I should move "up north" (as we say down south) and be closer to my kids, grandchildren who are still babies but will someday realize Grandma doesn't live here and well... be closer to my "center" so to speak in some ways. New York, New England.... somewhere that I can start over. Yet, on other days... I think... "my gosh it is so beautiful here" Yesterday I took a walk on Biscayne Blvd, looked at the light hitting the palms and banyans, watched the waves a block away on Biscayne Bay, everyone was nice, friendly, building going on everywhere, playful buildings rising high in the air, old stately mansions being remodeled or torn down to build more beautiful buildings. A row of Royal Poincianna Trees which are losing their leaves but will look so royal and gorgeous come May. The Publix down the block has every delight and the Starbucks has the best smelling coffee. I walked past a gardenia bush in bloom...or jasmine... Cars speeding, the new Opera Center opened, Mid Town Miami about to open up... doesn't look Third World to me. It looks like America.

It looks like America.. like the Melting Pot that America is.... most of America anyway. Someone get Mr. Senator from Denver a copy of Emma Lazarus please.

And as for me... this tropical baby, southern lady, jewish bubby doing a ragtime rant on the last day of the Hurricane Season... may I say to all of America.. come on down. Ain't no hurricanes no where around.

This was our Tropical Sabbatical from the Hurricane Season. Our roof tops are no longer blue, our building boom is back on track, our restaurants open, our views of Biscayne Bay are incredible and if you haven't seen a full moon rise over Miami.. you are missing one of the most magical sites in the world.

Last Day of Hurricane Season... a busted, bummer season meant for rebuilding and breathing a bit after the wilder season of 2005 and 2004. What will 2007 bring? Who knows which way the wind will blow? Someone go talk to El Nino and see what he whispers in your ear.

For anyone who wants to smile and laugh a bit... Jim Williams will be doing his thing tonight at Hurricane City. He lost a bet (more than one..) and he will be blucking, plucking..however you spell it dressed as a chicken on his end of the year Hurricane Show. Jim is a good guy.. about the best you can find around.. and he is a man of his word so... he will dress up like a chicken for the broadcast as... we didn't get to Joyce let alone to the M or N or P storm. check out the message board or read and learn about hurricanes because this little break was just that.. a breather and nothing more. We are in a period of heightened activity and we will continue having hurricane days again in the near future. For going to spread my wings and fly, relax, sigh, smile and enjoy the fact that I live in a diverse, multi-cultural, beautiful city neatly nestled along Biscayne Bay. Three guesses where I am going today :)

Besos Bobbi


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