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Friday, October 13, 2006

Wierd Raindrops in the Sunshine of My Mind

I have a million songs banging around in my mind this morning, a million scenes and a million memories and I can't really blog a normal blog today except to say.. it is so sunny outside that it hurts the eyes and yet there are these big heavy raindrops falling in funny patterns on the pavement.

Sunny but rain, not rain as much as raindrops, falling to the ground.

A big dark purple cloud to the west, sun to the east and high little winter sort of clouds up in the sky and big fat raindrops hitting hard against the windowsills. Slowly, one drop at a time. When I look out the window to the east I keep seeing these crystals here and there falling .. raindrops illuminated by the sun but when you look outside there is no rain, the pavement isn't wet.. just a few drops burning up fast against the hot pavement... so hot that it doesn't let the water remain.

Clouds somewhere moving in, probably from the west.. maybe that front that has been hiding or lingering out there.

They call that something..rain falling and drying before it hits the ground.. or is that snow ..

Dont know. Virga maybe, who knows, who cares... sunny for the men walking over to shul for Hoshanna Rabbah.

Not in a meterological mind today.

Dealing with something privately today and will eventually deal with it publically. Someone I know is very ill, realy ill, big time ill, sucky, crappy ..........not fair ill and I am angry as hell and can't do much but take it right now, wait it out and hope he makes it. Hope my kids are too busy to read this today but not taking it out because its honest, painful and hurts like hell. And, I need to write it.

So, what do you know?

It's Simchas Torah this weekend. I am making stuffed cabbage for my son because I promised. The cabbage is defrosting. Shoot, I probably should take the meat out too right? And, the half a turkey is defrosting. I have to cook a few cakes, bake a few eggplant and party hardy like there is no tomorrow at the temple.. why am i cooking?

And, plan on getting very drunk with Malka and talk to Sharon a lot and wish this weekend I was back on Miami Beach around 1993 dancing my heart out, 94 maybe? Maybe, 92 and 94 were good. Anyway..lost in memories, smiling. We all had such fun then, such a crazy time in our lives.

So.............going to get dressed, get out of here, shop, cook, maybe play hooky a bit as I am on vacation, pray, definitely pray and party like there is no tomorrow this holiday. Pray and party and pray some more and party hardy.

That's what Simcha is all about. Simchas Torah.

There is a great saying from the Torah..

Serve the Lord with Joy.

Eevdo Hashem Es B'Simcha and come hell or vodka I will do that tomorrow night.

Enjoy every moment, live every minute, make sure everyone you know ..knows how much you love them and never run away from love or friendship or life.

I'll be fine. I have Sharon. I have "crazy people" (smilng) to make me smile and I have Magda to get very drunk with if I have to and I may have to this Simchas Torah.

Peace, out gonna go watch the raindrops or the front move in or something


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