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Tuesday, October 17, 2006

Stardust Mystery Morning - No Tropical Wxr...

One of those early mornings when you wake up too early because you fell asleep too early and then trash your bedroom trying to find the Stardust CD someone sent you last summer that you hid somewhere in the back of the closet.

An hour later and a dose of the inhaler I gave up and listened to Teatro ... a CD I rarely listen to but like most Wille Nelson CDs is beautiful.

Cold fronts are out there swirling somewhere but not swirling on top of me.

I have to go to work.

Nothing in the tropics worth mentioning but a chicken in Delray somewhere doing a routine on

May I suggest that in the off season when the Fins are losing and the Hurricanes at UM are self-destructing and the tropics are dead and the Redsox are out of it ... you might want to look through and read through the many links. There are book reviews, information on historical storms, hurricane information for the beginner and even the intermediate junkie. It's like HurricaneCity University.. more information than most meteorological programs. Seriously, this is an UNPAID meteorological announcement. Everyone around has great sites... with great links.. skeetobite and has great message boards and links and wundergound is great if you want to track cold fronts this time of year or read a blog or two but honestly.. nowhere online I can think of is there a site that has so much information for the tropically frustrated when there is nothing to track or link to... The message board is fun but there is an education to be gained on that site.

Watch the video for laughs. Robin Williams couldn't do it better than Jim Williams.

So.................................that being said.

I'm off to work. Waiting for cold fronts and chances to wear my suede high heel boots and ... maybe, just maybe there is a tropical storm out there somewhere in the tropics that might be squeezed out in November along some stalled frontal boundary. Just maybe.

Cute song from the Willie CD.

Going to dedicate it to Milagro from Ocala and Dakota from Cingular :) and most of all Yaffah :)

Love Bobbi

ill put you in my pocket who would know, right next to my heart

ill take you with me everywhere i go

No matter where our trails will finally wind.
Our paths will just keep crossing
yours and mine
Until then in my pocket you must go
Ill take you with me everywhere I go

no matter where our trails will finally wind
our paths will just keep crossing
yours and mine
until then in my pocket you must go
ill take you with me everywhere i go..


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