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Tuesday, October 10, 2006

So, no storm no post today.

Not really.

Some system may develop out in the Pacific and threaten Hawaii. I heard it on My shirt is safe for another day, week.. maybe forever.

MJO is moving into the Atlantic basin but it is tooo windy for any real tropical storm formation to get going... nice to heat up the water but unless you can stir just right you don't get anything going.. just hot water, wet conditions... no real action.

Don't count on Tropical Home Brew either...

Waiting for a cold front.

Wondering where to spend my birthday. I have this stupidly, strange desire that I can't seem to kick and am tempted to do it but that would be so random... Sometimes you got to go back to the beginning I guess, sometimes... best to not remember where you came from..

I'm on vacation today. In hiding from my kids, from older people, younger people and everyone in between. The song just me and you and a dog name boo comes to mind... smashing it with a jack hammer also comes to mind. Lots of little glitter pieces.. like some "hit me icon" on Myspace. Glitter Bobbi Boo pieces of purple glitter glued together and singing a song.

If I was a song what song would I be?
Windmills of Your Mind
Shadow of Your Smile
The Day the Music Died
Moon River
It's Too Late Baby
Why Don't We Get Drunk and Screw (heard it live before it was recorded by him)

Why is there no song for Lois Lane?
Why are they all about Superman? Huh? Hmmm??

and the ever popular... Mr. Sandman, send me my dreams by Sammy Kaye and the Chordettes lol.

Giggling.. Oh Snonut.. where are you when I need you ?


Hit the road Jack... and don't ya come home no more no more no more no more Hit the Road Jack... King of the Road... On the Road

Time in a Bottle
Hotel California

Smart Women In a Real Short Skirt.
Woman Gone Crazy on Caroline Street
Sweet Caroline

I need a new jean skirt. Really, badly, a good one.. that shows off my legs and holds in my tummy and is cute... and wearable often to work and to play... tropical trouble today

Jimmy Buffett has a new CD out today.. so does Sting..

such decisions... such decisions...

Why are you still reading this????????????????

Did I or did I knot say there wasn't anything tropical going on?

Were you looking for the big answer to the 64 million dollar question?

Sorry... 64 millon doesn't go as far as it used to and if I had it I would not give it to you for your project so hahahahaha :P

love and kisses
mucho besos

ps...yes this is what happens when the Red Sox are out of it, El Nino moves in and there are no hurricanes to track ...though I do like the new QB for the Dolphins :)


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