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Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Rainy November - Who Would You Be For Halloween?

Beautiful rain. Beautiful, beautiful rain. Sweet November rain falling like silver sunshine in the tropics in October still.

Sun is out, bright and yet it is pouring liquid sunshine!

I had this feeling a little while ago..was time for the tropical update. How do I just know that it is the right time? Ran in to watch and they were doing this whole "end of the season" show on the TWC explaining how this was the LAST day they will be doing the Regular Tropical Update.. unless something develops and they add in a few.

So, I got to watch... one last time in this wierd year of 2006.

Amazing but true how I always know when the Tropical Update is on like some internal clock going off, hourly even when I am no longer watching.

Gee... if I could apply that logic to my love for _________ I could make more sense of my life I bet.

I should ponder this.. I don't watch anymore yet the heart always knows... yet, I don't really watch. Just an old habit, in case... what if.. maybe.

Anyways...........Just wanted to mark the day. Happy Halloween. Happy almost end of the Hurricane Season. Happy I can keep my Jimmy Buffett shirt on. :( we didn't have a storm........

I will have to do something to mark the day today but what I don't know.

Today is Sara's birthday (my son's girlfriend) and it's also Dr. George's birthday.. a good friend. Funny, how many people are born on halloween and they are all wonderful, great, smart, goofy, classy Scorpios :)

Anyways.....................I have to go now.

So, I leave you with this thought.. if you were dressing up today? What kind of cloud would you be? LOL, sorry.. old joke?

Who would you dress up as?
What country would you be from?
What ethnic group?
What animal?
What fruit?
What color?

Who are you really deep inside?

Ever think about it?

What character from a movie or a book or a play or a painting?

Who are you really?

Going to take a shower, go to work, think on life and get some title and versos copied.

Love Bobbi!


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