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Friday, October 06, 2006

Back in Miami.. Preparing for Sukkos, not much going on tropically

1) Back in Miami.

2) Sorry about the typos but do you know how hard it is to type on a sidekick while swinging on a porch swing in Key West at a Bed and Breakfast??

3) Sukkos is later tonight. I have a sukkoth, I have a table, I have an estrog and a lulav. I have chicken and a half a turkey and meat to make into things. I have lamb for cholent if I use it and probably will (Stuart I hear has oxtails) and I need to see what I am missing. I'll get back to you with menus.. going to sister in law's for dinner tonight with the kids who are left home.

4) Tropically..not much about there but some incredible weather and it's not tropical weather but it is weather and yesterday we had all the windows open with the wind blowing.. was awesome :)

5) Later... got a nice old Jim Croce CD on the way back... some songs I never heard him sing. He was so good... so good.

later, Bobbi
Key West is wonderful, as always


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