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Friday, September 15, 2006

Intense Hurricane Day

Welcome to September 15th, 2006.

Today is an Intense Hurricane Day or it was earlier. It will be recorded as such in the books. It was overnight though.. you know... out there around 1am and 2am spinning around in a major way while we slept or tried to...

I don't want to say the season is over because I think as always there will be a swan song but... maybe I am just in denial.

Helene is pretty, oh... very pretty (watching the tropical update as i type this) and Helene is sort of boring. Gordon is well.. Gordon.

I'm still curious about that area near Puerto Rico.. sometimes storms develop around there during El Nino type years and sneak in under the radar.. far from Upper Level Lows.

As for me... talking online to Magnet Man, stronger than a paper clip and deceptively simplistic and overly imaginative, hmmmnnnn hmmmmmnnnn I smell a rat fink. An artistic rat fink. What else is new?

I need Key West. I really, really need Key West. I need to be in Key West.

I have to go.. going to work. Making Shabbos.

Chicken and couscous however you spell that. Salads (I bought olive spread) and fresh Challah from Annies and some good wine from Spain and well... it will be nice. And, am going to work on my novel this weekend. I may even need to take a trip to work on it and if so.. I will.

More than one rat fink can play at this game but I am never, ever, never writing or dealing with a screenwriter again.

Weather people only.
Geologists can go suck a tornado!

chow for now


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