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Saturday, September 16, 2006

Boring Weekend. Tropically speaking of course..

This is not my favorite weekend of the year.

Certain people in my life always go poof one weekend every fall and if I would have thought on it earlier I would just mark this weekend in black or other colors on the calendar and have gone offline or gone away to Key West....

Hurricanes are boring lately. They are all the same. No, this is not about that rush of adrenaline and being under the gun.. it's about boring and all of them riding the same path through the Atlantic that a big rut should be in the Atlantic and if upwelling was a problem which it is not (since Mr. Chris stared down and insisted over and over upwelling is NOT a BIG issue, will defer to the meteorological, conceited lol and say nothing is going on and it's boring.

There are hints that Helene may make a lunge west and there are also hints another system might crop up close in to the coastline off the US that might form ... maybe.. might... who knows...kind of... maybe... We watch the models, we watch the water vapor.. we'll see.

Great discussion at 11 trying to explain a difficult situation with possible answers.

If I could get Stewart to write discussion on my life and it's problems at 5 and 11 I'd be okay. Maybe I would understand my own life better if Stacey Stewart was writing the daily discussion briefing.

Here in Miami is pouring, thunder and lightning punctuating Selichos evening when many Jews go to the Synagogue and pray the beginning of prayers for a Good New Year. My grandparents got married on Selichos evening years ago, that's the story they always told me.

Miami Hurricanes lost badly, they need a new coach and an old attitude sadly. You can't win games when you are trying to play like you are attending a tea party unless of course you are dressed like an Indian in Boston.

I thought a lot today, mostly on a story I have worked on for a long time, a novel. Re-read a lot that I had written back in 2002 or 2003 and put away because I couldn't finish it. Had no time, no mind. Thought of sending it to my friend and just telling him "here it is... you finish it" but that would be such a cop out. Then again, if anything happens to me and it's not finished there is a note on it that says "send to _____, he will know what to do with it." Funny, the only will and testament I have is to send him the novel. Pathetically funny in ways. Consistent anyways.

So, going to try not to think on college football and why everyone I like to talk to seems to go poof this weekend every year and ... going to read my novel, pray, watch the water vapor loop and enjoy listening to the rain.

Will check back tomorrow and see what is happening.

Lane was a real El Nino season storm and Miriam is forming in the Pacific as well. I'm not in Baja but if I was I would still feel how I feel tonight.

Upwelling, not in the spell checker.. wow, guess Chris was right, it's not important..


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